What I would Like to See in Tech for 2010 (That Probably Won't Happen)

2010 Technology Wish List


2009 Was OK, But Things Can Get ALOT Better

2009 is almost over and I’m making my technology wish list for 2010. Being that it’s a “WISH” list, I decided to shoot for the stars. in order fro 2010 to be the best year ever in tech, here’s what I want.

iPhone – My Biggest Joy and Disappointment

The iPhone plays a huge role in my IT infrastructure. It bridge the gap between the VitaminCM global headquarters and the vast wastelands that lie outside my door. Sometimes I actually have to go out and mingle with the great unwashed hordes. Gasp! While there are so many things to love about my trusty companion, here is what I desperately wish for:

  • AT&T to get a decent network
  • Verizon to get the iPhone
  • Flash and JAVA support – It’s flippin’ 2010 already!
  • Support for a Bluetooth Keyboard (No, I don’t want to Jailbreak my phone.)
  • Front and back Video Cameras so I can gitz my Skype video conference on.

Windows Applications that Need to be On My Mac

I switched to a Mac this year and for the most part I like it. My biggest problem is finding suitable replacements for some of my old favorite Windows applications.

  • Windows Live Writer – How can I be forced to blog with this overpriced collection of crapware.
  • Digsby Multi-protocol Instant Messenger (plus twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.) – Adium is marginally acceptable.
  • Microsoft Office (The real thing, not that hideous crap with the crooked yellow logo.)
  • A Delete key that Deletes, not Backspacing. (Yeah, I really feel like pressing the Function button.)

Software and Services that Can Be ALOT Better

There are a lot of great applications and services out there, but this is what it takes to go from good to great.

  • FireFox – please stop crapping out every 3 minutes.
  • Evernote to integrate RememberTheMilk into their tool. Two great tastes that taste great together.
  • Google Earth to go live with “real-time” images. Yeah, it’s creeptacular but you know you want it too.
  • Good VIdeo Production Software for Linux so I can build my $600 Super Computer out of two clustered PS3s.
  • FaceBook to disable Mafia Wars, Farmville, Fish Tank, Movie Quiz, and Family Finder.
  • Linux to do what you want it to, on the first attempt.
  • DropBox – give a brotha more disk space.

Gadgets that I want

Who doesn’t love a shiny new gadget. Well, I want a little more than a fancy box and a high price tag.

  • An E-Book Reader that is actually cool.
  • Roll UP LCD screens (in stores, not labs)
  • Laptop Batteries that work for more than five minutes
  • Solid State Hard Drives (that I can afford)


The tech world doesn’t just happen in a vacuum, it’s run by people. Some of them kind of suck. Here are a few people that I would like to see come off the naughty list in 2010.

  • Apple to get the litigious stick out of their litigious butts.
  • Sony, please stop hassling people for making your products more useful.
  • Verizon – stop hating customers. Don’t cripple our phones, rip us off, and provide poor customer service.
  • BestBuy – just go away already.
  • While I’m at it, could the RIAA and MPAA just commit hari-kari.


Now that I have a 1080p TV and a BluRay player I wish that someone would erase the memory of my 100 favorite movies and add them to the top of my NetFlix queue.

Crazy Town

How about a few off the wall things:

  • Robots! Lots of robots.
  • Monkeys that can be trained to be my butler.
  • An automatically organizing desk.
  • A koi pond stocked with teany-tiny Great White Sharks and even tinier seals.

Last but certainly not least…

I wish that my wife would just understand that I NEEEEEEEED all of these things and so many others. They are all critically important to my survival as a human being. Kind of like the dry cleaner, house keeper, 4 hour trips to the salon, and karaoke all keep her alive.

What Would You Like to See in 2010?

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