Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 – Product Review

Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 - Product Review

The Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 PC speakers can be called as a perfect blend of good design, high performance which you get at pretty pocket friendly price tag. Altec Lansing is seen having a trendy set which is empowered with a capacity of MX6021. The 2.1 channel gaming setup for PC’s hooks with a room mind blowing subwoofer along with the presence of some incredibly Chic Satellites you will feel proud to flaunt near your post it dispenser. The extraordinary look and appearance of Altec Lansing catches the eye of anyone before their ears. Let’s explore the product further to get the insight of the story:

The Features and Design

The Altec Lansing embarks with two cute PC speakers with everyone standing just within the nine inches and other a huge lopsided subwoofer which is around 16 inches of height and the width goes to around 10 inches. You will also fine an UFO kind of remote slightly bigger than the hockey puck which has power button, aux input, headphone jack and volume control from the PC, and above all the treble and bass adjustments. The speakers brings out with 200 watts. The hordes of speakers which come with black plastic boxes infused with drivers, Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021, however, come with all together a different and creative look.

The Setup

It hardly takes five minute or so to set up the MX6021. Almost every component strings are put together with different color coded cables which can be plugged directly into the subwoofer requiring a stereo cable going to a Desktop and power. Because of the presence of color coding, the setup becomes pretty easy, however, the only problem that these hard wired cables cannot be extended anymore. But you still have enough length of around 6.5 feet which is more than enough for anyone if you use them inPC. However, this may deter you on trying for some other options other than your PC.

Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 1

The Sound

As far as the sound is concerned, Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 guarantees you by being a powerhouse system. You will be impressed by the big and comparatively tight bass coming Altec,however, the clarity can be hampered when you put on to fringes. The sharp clacks and clicks via electronic music come with more clarity, however, at times they can be fatiguing. As they happen to be gaming speakers, you will find the element of realism and punch for the games per se. The onlyc omplain we hear is when you are not playing the speakers. You will notice audible hiss at the various volume levels even though they are not plugged into any source. However, these are not noticed in normal room, however, a quiet place like a home office it can be a problem for you.

The Controller

By getting the physical controller over your PC makes your life easy since you get the chance to adjust your speakers easily as per your whims and fancies. Despite Altec trying hard to make the controls simple and lucid, it is pitted with few demerits in it. The biggest pain comes when you adjust the volume. When you twist and turn the volume knob, but instead of being at the place where you have put, it comes back the original place when you leave the knob. Similarly, the volume indicator lights move contrary to its direction, same is the story of aux jacks and volume placement.

Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 2

Final Word

Despite all odds, you will find sound from Altec Lansing’s MX6021 with freight train power. The credit is certainly to the home theater which caters you a bass abreast the right epic dimension. The gamers may wince at the sound distortion and they may not be able to enjoy the right pleasure with sound at high level. But still at other levels the speakers sound a better deal to make. Again it will depend upon the kind of consumer you are, if you are sensitive about every small thing; you may not be able to get them.However, if these trivial things hardly matter, then this product is a right choice for you.

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