ASTD 2007 International Conference & Expo

E-Learning, Communication, Training Tips, Motivational Speakers, the Works

Dates: June 3rd – 6th
Location: Georgia World Congress Center; Atlanta, GA

Conference: The conference was amazing! I learned so much that my head almost exploded. Everything was run flawlessly. The place was huge, but you were still able to find everything. The speakers and sessions were super. I really enjoyed all of the sessions that I attended. (See some of the previous posts for a blow-by-blow.) I’m so glad that I attended this year.

Speakers: The speakers were almost all great.

Best Moment: Can Hollywood Save the Training Industry” This was a session where the speaker showed four trainers from famous movies and what made them great trainers. Fun, interesting, solid fundamentals, informative. Plus, Yoda, Mr. Miagi, and Morpheus. (Yeah he threw in Dirty Dancing too : (

Second Best Moment:  The Celebration Dinner at the Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday night.  Click through for more

Worst Moment: A class on what CLO (Cheif Learning Officers) do and are thinking. The session was lead by a dean from the Wharton Scool of Business………
………. Oh, I’m sorry did I just fall asleep.

City and Venue: Atlanta is NOT cool. What a dead, sterile, lifeless, boring city. Granted, I did not see a lot of the city, but it sucks. The venue was good. It was very large, comfortable, and effective. It is right between the Pillips Center (Atlanta Hawks and Hockey Team) and the Georgia Dome (No Michael Vick dogfight sightings). There is an area between all of these buildings that was built for the 1996 Olympics and I think it was in the movie Aeon Flux at the end where they have the big fight scene.

Miscellaneous: Lots of weird statues all over Atlanta, my gues is that was an attempt to “culture up” the joint for the Olympics. Let’s put it this way, none of that crap drummed up thoughs of the classic Greek sculptures that would have surrounded the original Olympic games.

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