Get Bargains on Tech Gear for Christmas

Use the Web to S-t-r-e-t-c-h your Dollar$

In Part 1 (Upgrade Your Career) of my series on Conquering the Recession Using Technology, I talked about finding a higher paying job. Until you start making the big bucks, you’ll need to make your money go further.

Stretch Your Dollar

Christmas season is upon us and money is tight. You can still take care of all of your gadget gift giving with cash to spare. There are a bunch of sites on the internet that will help you save a boatload of loot.

I’m going to show you how to do the following:

  • Save a Fortune at
  • Get Paid to Buy Stuff
  • Find the Best Price on Anything
  • Have Bargains Come to You

Save a Fortune at

Amazon has an product line that goes on forever. There is always something on super-terrific clearance sale. You can find giant discounts on products at The links below list products that are at least 75% OFF in their respective categories.

75% Off Books

75% Off Cameras and Accessories

75% Off Computers and Accessories

75% Off Video Games

75% Off Electronics and Gadgets

You can use their Search options to weed through the haystack of bargains to find your needle.

Get Paid to Shop at

Microsoft’s search engine is so hard up for users that they’ll actually PAY YOU  to search for things to buy. This is obviously a long-term plan to capture market share and drum up affiliate sales. Guess what, who cares? You still get paid.

You can use to Search For and Get CashBack savings on the products you want from the stores that you know and trust.

Find the Best Price on Anything with Price Comparison Engines

Are you looking for something that hundreds of sites carry? Well, there are a number of Price Comparison Engines that will show you who sells an item for the best price. I always check these before I buy.

Google Products

Yahoo Shopping

C-Net Shopper

If those were not enough, here is a huge list of price comparison sites on

Let the Bargains Come to You

There are a few sites where great deals are being posted all day long. The deals are posted by members who find them online.

 Price Comparison Engines Forums

All of these sites have RSS feeds that will send you regular updates as they are posted.

Christmas Gadget Gift Ideas

OK, so you know HOW to save big bucks, but what are you going to buy? Here is a list of Great Gadget Gift Ideas for the tech lover in your life.

Stay tuned for the finally of the three part series “Getting Great Stuff for Free”.

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