10 Best Desktop Blog Editing Applications

Posting to your Blog Using Desktop Software

Overview: Find out what 10 Desktop Blogging Applications can do to help you post articles to your blog.

10 best desktop blogging apps

The WordPress web interface gives you everything you “need” to write and publish blog posts. Just because the web interface can do a lot, does not mean that it is the “best” tool for everyone. Many people prefer to write and publish their posts from a desktop blogging editor. There are numerous applications that provide you a powerful set of tools for writing and publishing posts directly from your desktop. There are a few significant advantages to writing your posts using a desktop blog editor:

  • You can still write when you are not connected to the internet
  • Feature-rich desktop publishing experience
  • The performance is MUCH faster than the web interface
  • Excellent media insertion, editing, and management
  • Support for plugins that provide tailored functionality

Here are some of the more popular desktop blogging editors.

Top of the Heap – Desktop Blogging Apps

There are only about three apps that I think are sure things.

  • Windows Live Writer
  • MarsEdit
  • Zoundry Raven

Windows Live Writer – This is my favorite desktop blogging tool on any operating system at any price. Best of all, it’s free! Every possible feature that you could want is included in Live Writer. I use a Mac to write my blog posts, but I run Parallels (virtual machine) to run this Windows only app. Yes, it’s that good. I just hope that they make a Mac version some day.

What I Love:

  • Publish posts as DRAFT status and opens the web-based post editor in one click
  • Plugins – an increasing amount of useful tools that make the rich get richer
  • Compose posts with your blog theme’s formatting applied in real-time
  • Edit existing posts
  • Very polished interface and user experience

Could be Better:

  • It occasionally adds some funky code
  • No version for Mac

Windows Live Writer Interface

windows live writer overview

MarsEdit – MarsEdit is a half-step behind Windows Live Writer, but it’s still the best blogging tool available for Mac. It costs $30, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to avoid the hassle of running a Windows Virtual Machine. I think it’s about one version away from being truly awesome.

What I Love:

  • You can edit code in the app or your favorite code editing app
  • Nice smooth working experience
  • You can add a lot of Post metadata directly in the interface

Could be Better:

  • The ability to Post as Draft instead of Published
  • It seems like there are always about 12 windows open
  • No Windows version

MarsEdit Interface

MarsEdit Overview

Zoundry Raven – This is a pretty good (Windows only) tool if you’re on a PC and you don’t want to use Windows Live Writer. (Not quite sure who would do that; but I digress.) It has almost all of the “must-have” features that I typically look for in a slightly less polished package. The one nice thing I like is that there is a portable version that can be run on any Windows machine, right from a USB Flash drive. (See how to set up Portable Apps on a USB drive here .)

What I Love:

  • Very clean, sensible writing interface
  • Contains a ton of features, even compared to the paid apps
  • You can get a portable version that loads on a USB drive and runs on any Windows machine

Could be Better:

  • No Mac Version
  • No plugins or extensions

Zoundry Raven Interface

Zoundry Raven Overview

They Could Have Been Contenders

These apps could be good if they just add some of the features and stability of the big dogs. Close, but no cigar.

  • Ecto
  • Qumana
  • Blog Desk
  • Blog Jet

Ecto –  $20 – I used Ecto for a little while (right after Qumana) to write posts. It has a few more features than Qumana, but it’s not nearly as good as MarsEdit. Believe me, the extra $10 is well worth it.

What I Love:

  • It has a decent WYSYWIG interface
  • It integrates with Flickr and Amazon

Could be Better:

  • Not great options for working with Code and Design views
  • No upload as draft
  • It’s just not-quite-right

Ecto Interface

Ecto Overview

Qumana – I actually used this app for a brief time when I switched from Windows to a Mac. This was the first Mac based blogging tool that I found fairly useable. I’ve moved on to some better options, but it’s not the worst tool I’ve seen.

What I Love:

  • Decent Media Insertion and Formating
  • The have good integration with their own advertising platform
    • Con – it’s their own platform. Adsense please.
  • Runs on Windows and Mac

Could be Better:

  • No easy way to add CSS Styles to content. (Headings, etc.)
  • No plugins

Qumana Interface

Qumana Overview

Blog Desk– Blog desk is a pretty good Windows blogging app. The interface is laid out in a sensible way that will be easy to figure out. It’s not as good as my favorite blogging apps, but it’s usable.

What I Love:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Integrates well with WordPress features

Could be Better:

  • Not as full featured as some of the other options

Blog Desk Interface

Blog Desk Overview

Blog Jet – The name sounds like BlogDesk and the interface and features look alike too.  It’s pretty good and free, but there are a few better choices for the same great price. Good, not great.

What I Love Like:

  • Clean, simple interface.
  • Media insertion and management

Could be Better:

  • Added CSS styles
  • Source Code editing

Blog Jet Interface

Blogjet Overview

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

These apps are just not worth a look.

  • Thingamablog
  • Bleezer

Thingamablog– I didn’t like Thingamablog at all. It was buggy and clunky. It also was flaky when I was trying to set up my sites. ThingamaBLOB is more like it.

What I Love Like:

  • It does support Windows, Mac, and Linux

Could be Better:

  • Multi-platform support means that you get a bad app on any computer that you use
  • No features – no fun!

Thingamablog Interface

Thingamablog Overview

Bleezer – This was another disappointment. It runs as a self-contained Java app from anywhere on any Operating System. Java apps kinda suck for a variety of reasons. They are slow and ugly, to name a few. Bleezer is no exception.

What I Love Like:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Not much else

Could be Better:

  • Java is slow and flaky
  • It doesn’t have a compelling feature set
  • No fun to use

Bleezer Interface

Bleezer Overview

Desktop Blogging Application Feature Comparison

The table below compares the desktop blogging applications covered here on some critical features.


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6 responses on “10 Best Desktop Blog Editing Applications

  1. Ileane

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve tried Live Writer but I wasn’t all that comfortable using it. Most of the time I use the WordPress dashboard or the Scribefire extension for Chrome. Thanks for introducing me to all these other apps. Great review!

  2. Christopher Masiello Post author

    @Ileane – I’m glad you brought up the Scribefire extension. Scribfire is a browser plugin that works with FireFox, Google Chrome, and Apple’s Safari browsers.
    It has a nice set of tools that allows you to write blog posts right from your browser.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Zubaida

    SmartXBlog is deskop blog editor for both windows and mac , it has WYSIWYG editor, image editor, online news, image and video search, drag and drop option, rss feed available from nearly 100 popular websites and you can even add your own rss, i think it is best available blogging desktop editor for windows and mac. Free trial can be downloaded from

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