Boost Google Reader's Productivity

Increase Google Reader’s Productivity Using Greasemonkey Scripts


I use Google Reader to read through 200+ feeds that contain mountains of information. Google Reader does a great job helping me manage this tall task. If you do a little tweaking, you can turn Google Reader into an amazing productivity tool. Firefox allows you to add extensions to increase functionality.


Google Reader plus Greasemonkey


One of the most handy extensions is Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey allows you to customize the way a webpage works using small bits of JavaScript. There are thousands of Greasemonkey scripts available that help you get more from just about any popular website or service. I use a few scripts to customize Google Reader into more than just an RSS feed reader.

Subscribe to New Feeds Quicker than Ever

Auto add to Google Reader bypasses the "Add to Google homepage" / "Add to Google Reader" choice, directly adding to Google Reader. This will take several annoying clicks out of your way.

Bookmark Articles to Delicious

Google Reader + bookmark Google Reader articles to without opening the article’s page.  There are a bunch of similar plug-ins for all of your favorite social bookmarking sites.

Add Articles to you To Do List

Remember The Milk Cow in Google Reader creates to-do tasks in RemeberTheMilk right from the Google Reader interface. Then, you can take action on them later on when you have time.

Post Articles to Twitter from Google Reader

Google Reader + Twitter adds reader posts to twitter right from google reader, complete with a URL shortener and tags.


See Google Reader + Greasemonkey in Action

The following video will show you how these scripts help you get more out of Google Reader.



Download the video.


Some Other Helpful Scripts

  • Google Reader Preview Enhanced 
  • Google Reader Print Button
  • Gmail Box for Google Reader 

How Do You Get More from Google Reader?

If you have other tips for getting more from Google Reader post them in the comments below. You suggestions can include other helpful Greasemonkey scripts or any other tips that you use.

Other Helpful Articles

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