The Highest Rated Card Reader Apps for Apple Devices

Getting Business Cards into your Contacts has Never Been Easier

Highest Rated Card Reader Apps

Business cards are tools which allow business professionals to communicate with each other. The storage of these cards has over the years become a burden, transforming the once helpful contact tools into troublesome stacks of papers. Most people are likely to lose a number of these cards, which ultimately leads to wastage. In recent years, the rise of virtual business cards has grown in use for a number of reasons. Virtual business cards are easier to store, organize and access the contact tools. Virtual business cards also discard the need to carry business cards around, therefore allowing users to access these contacts from virtually any location. Several card reader apps have been developed for mobile devices, allowing phone users to always have their virtual business cards while on the go. Here are the highest rated business cards for Apple devices.

ABBYY Business Card Reader app

The ABBYY Business Card Reader is an intelligent app which identifies the contact information on business cards including the first and last names on the card, company and job title and email signatures. The app is supported by iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. It supports 17 languages. The app does a count down before taking the images of business cards and this can lead to shaky images and scan errors. The app is available for $9.99.

CamCard business card reader app

CamCard is one of the highly rated business card readers, because the app does it all. The app allows users to capture, store, organize, export and sync their business cards with outlook. The quality of the captured card images is superior and the recognition speed is also faster. Slight delays are experienced when taking images with the CamCard app. However, the app captures high quality images which makes up for the delay in capturing images. The app supports multi-language recognition. The free version allows users to add 3 contacts to their address books, while the full version priced at $6.99 allows limitless contact additions.

CamCard business card reader app

WorldCard Mobile business card reader app

The WorldCard Mobile business card reader is supported by iPhone 3GS and higher models. The app automatically recognizes the date the business card was captured and automatically sorts the cards according to fields for storage on the phone’s contact list. The app does come with a few glitches involving the scanning of business cards, other than that it functions as required. The Lite version accommodates 3 card exports for the first week and goes down to 1card export weekly. The full version is available for $5.99.

WorldCard Mobile business card reader app

ScanBizCards business card app

The ScanBizCards business card app goes the extra mile and on top of scanning business cards it also adds contacts to the phone’s address book. The app is supported by iPhones and iPads as well. The cards are scanned and stored instantly, without the need for manual verification of each card. The app is available for $4.99.

ScanBizCards business card app

Card Munch card reader app

The Card Munch app is designed for iPhones, combining aspects of human intelligence and vision technology. The application allows users to take snapshots of their business cards and manually verify each card for accuracy. The verification process however takes time, because the user has to manually look through every card before saving. The app stores a back-up of the user’s contacts, to ensure that the user never has to worry about losing a business card. The application functions on a pay per use basis, and the user is charged one credit for the storage of each card. The free version of the app allows users to save only 5 business cars, while the full version priced at $2.99 allows users to save 10 cards.

Card Munch card reader app

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