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Use Smart Playlists to be an iTunes Genius

Make Smart Playlists Continuously Give You Interesting Music Selections

Do you ever get sick of listening to the same old albums or playlists on your iPod? I know I do. Well, you can use the Smart Playlist feature in iTunes to constantly generate a dynamic mix-tape of fresh music selection.

Smart Playlists are like little queries that pull anything and everything out of your iTunes library. Queries, you say? Yes, Queries.

You build a query that selects and excludes songs based on your criteria. For instance you may want to hear any Jazz music in your library, as long as it is not newer than the 60s. Well then you build a Smart playlist with those two conditions: Genre = Jazz and Year is less than 1970. Now, if you add any old Jazz songs, they will automatically be pulled into this playlist.

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The Best Horror Punk Lyrics Ever!!!

Special Halloween Edition of Best Lyrics Evah!!!

In the spirit of the Halloween season, I decided to do a very special edition of “Best Lyrics Evah!!!” My lyrics pick is for the Misfits classic “Skulls”

In 1982, The Misfits recorded “Skulls” on the “Walk Among Us” album, one of the best “horror punk” songs ever. This song is short, sweet, and to the point… This guy is a bit of a collector, if you will. He wants, no NEEDS human skulls to hang on his wall.

Now, you know as well as I do, that when you gotta have something, well, you just gotta have it!

I’d love to say that it’s these lyrics alone that do it, but there’s much more going on here. The upbeat tempo, snappy feel, and vocal styling all come together to form an old-school masterpiece.

Never before have you felt so happy about “hacking the heads off little girls” before.

See some cool Skull Related Paraphernalia at Skull-A-Day.

Why don’t you grab a seat and just sit back and let the brilliant lyrics from this gem just wash over you.

You’ll be glad you did.

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The Best Rap Lyrics Ever!!!

When Men were Men and Chuck D was Pissed

I was watching some videos on tv the other day and I thought to myself “Man, Rap sucks!”  I used to love rap back in the day, but it just sucks now.

Question: When did it all go wrong? Who’s to blame? What’s the problem?

Answer: The biggest problem with rap today is one thing, Happy Rappers. That’s why there’s no good rap any more.  These guys are like a baseball player after they sign the huge contract. Complacent, full of themselves, soft.

Chuck D unleashed the most ferocious lyrical assault on the clogged up brain cells  of  the masses

Let me tell ya ’bout a time when it was all very different…… cue the dream sequence music.

Let’s set the wayback machine to 1988; back when rap was “underground” and rappers were pissed off from trying to rise above the oppression of mainstream media.  George Bush was President (not W, his daddy) and Hair Metal was the “pop music” du jour. Real men knew that size mattered when it came to your “portable” music system.

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