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Post Secret Short Movie

Got a Secret to Tell?

Post Secret is a project where a guy asked people to write their “secrets” on a post card and mail them to a PO Box. The secrets were to be compiled into a book. Well as the thousands of secrets poured in, the founder discovered that the post cards not only had fascinating secrets, but they often had “soulful artwork” that brought the secrets to life.

The first book “Post Secret” was a brutally riveting glimpse into the secrets that ordinary people carried (and unleashed) around with them. My wife and I have our copy under our coffee table and everyone that comes over can never put it down. I challenge you to read it and not see little pieces of themselves sprinkled all over the pages.

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Live Every Week Like it’s Shark Week!

It’s the Most…
…Wonderful Time…
…of the Year

You know how there is that one time of the year (Christmas) when everyone
acts just a little bit different. You know they are more thoughtful, kind,
nice, generous. They go to church for a change. You always hear people
say, “I wish people would live like this all year long.”

Well, for me, it’s a different time of year. It’s a time when some people
(the cool ones) are a little more exciting, intense, smart, aggressive.
It’s a time when people are more punctual (especially around 9 p.m. EST, 8
p.m. Central) about getting home and settled in.

Yes, that’s right, SHARK WEEK!

I would just like people to consider the thoughtful wisdom of Tracy Jordan (30 Rock) toKenneth the Intern.

Remember, Live each week like it’s Shark Week!

Learn it, know it, live it!

Training Tips from Tinseltown…

…How Hollywood Can Save the Training Industry

Speaker:  Andy Janning (FORUM Credit Union) Topic:  How to add more energy, excitement, and interest to your training by following the lessons of four “trainers” from the silver screen.

Key Point: Raise the perceived importance of training by connecting to the students. He Paralleled examples of four trainers from Hollywood Blockbusters: The Matrix, The Karate Kid, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, and Dirty Dancing. He showed how these four trainers managed to do the following:

  • Demonstrate their mastry of the task
  • Make the student “prove” that they had mastered the task
  • Held the students accountable for mastry of the the task
  • Made completion of the tasks “mandatory”
  • Made the training about the student, not the instructor
  • Put themselves in the students “hands” not shoes
  • Cared about the students and their success
  • Took the time to help the hard-to-reach students

About the four teachers: Morepheus- Awesome, demanding, good modeling of tasks. Mr. Miagi- Patient, taught without the student knowing they were learning, Grilled a mean burger (oops, that was Arnold from Happy Days). Yoda- Met students biggest need, calmed his fears to allow concentration on learning, Talked in a unique way he did. Jonny Cbastle- Took on a tough learner, cared more about the learner’s success than his own, uttered the phrase, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” (I guess you can’t be perfect.)

Speaker Comments: Awesome, Funny, Hoaky, Cool, He gets it! Really cool and interesting approach that he developed.

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