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Live Every Week Like it’s Shark Week!

It’s the Most…
…Wonderful Time…
…of the Year

You know how there is that one time of the year (Christmas) when everyone
acts just a little bit different. You know they are more thoughtful, kind,
nice, generous. They go to church for a change. You always hear people
say, “I wish people would live like this all year long.”

Well, for me, it’s a different time of year. It’s a time when some people
(the cool ones) are a little more exciting, intense, smart, aggressive.
It’s a time when people are more punctual (especially around 9 p.m. EST, 8
p.m. Central) about getting home and settled in.

Yes, that’s right, SHARK WEEK!

I would just like people to consider the thoughtful wisdom of Tracy Jordan (30 Rock) toKenneth the Intern.

Remember, Live each week like it’s Shark Week!

Learn it, know it, live it!

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