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How to Shut Down Background Apps in iOS 7

Learn how to shut down applications running in the background in iOS 7. Save your battery life, data usage, and processing power by killing background apps.

Excel Pivot Table Tutorial

Learn how to analyze your data using Excel pivot tables. Create a pivot table that can slice, dice, and rearrange your excel data.

Making a Macbook Pro that Kills Apple’s for $790 Less – Part 3 Finishing Up

Learn how to move the mac OS X home directory to another location using the System Preferences menu.

The Fastest Way to Remove the Trial Crapware from a New PC

Overview: Learn how to use PC Decrapifier to remove the trial software that came installed on your new computer

How to Record your iPhone or iPad’s Screen using AirPlay Mirroring

Learn how to display everything happening on your iPhone or iPad on your computer in real-time. Do this using the Reflector application for Windows and Mac.