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How to Download TV Shows from the Internet (Part 2)

How to Make uTorrent Automatically Find and Download your Favorite Shows

So you learned how to Download TV Shows from the Internet in my last post. Now that’s great for one off shows, but you’d really like to make your computer go out and grab the newest episode of your shows automatically.

You can have uTorrent go look for newly posted episodes of your favorite shows and begin downloading them automatically. This is done using an “RSS” feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication; which allows websites to post new content to their site and have a “RSS Reader” check and download this new content automatically. There is an RSS Reader built into uTorrent.

If you go to the tvRSS (the RSS in the name refers to this technology) download page for your show, there is an RSS link at the top of the episode listing. (circled below)


You need to right click on this RSS link to open your browser’s Options menu.


Select Copy Shortcut from the Options menu.

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Easy Way to Download TV Shows from the Internet

How to Download TV Shows from the Internet

Well, it’s that time of year again, the Fall TV season is starting. Oh yeah after a long summer of nothing to do but go outside, meet other humans, and physical activity you can finally plop down on the couch and turn into a fat zombie watching the thrilling new episodes of your favorite shows. Now, I know you’re going to be there promptly every night living vicariously through your celluloid pseudo friends.

But, what if all of that human contact and activity from the summer bleeds into the fall? What if you find yourself having plans on, (don’t say it) a WEEKNIGHT gasp! Sure, you could just set the Tivo to grab all of your favorite shows, right after you remember to back up your computer, wear a condom and floss daily. Or worse yet, let’s say one of your “friends” or “neighbors” grabs you at the last minute and forces you to miss an episode of “The Office”. You can’t ask the Tivo to go get shows that it never recorded.

It must be difficult, expensive, or illegal. NO!, NO!, and “Probably Not.” It is pretty simple, totally free, and probably legal.

Well, all is not lost, you can always get any shows, with the commercials edited out right from the only “real” friend that you have (except for the TV), you guessed it, the Internet.

That doesn’t sound right. It must be difficult, expensive, or illegal. NO!, NO!, and “Probably Not.” It is pretty simple, totally free, and probably legal. (Well, when was the last time that you heard of someone getting sued for downloading Scrubs?) Follow these simple steps in this TWO PART ARTICLE and you can get any shows Freely, Quickly, and Easily.

What You Need to Download TV Shows

There are two things that you need to get your shows from the Internet:

  1. A tool to download the files
  2. A site that posts links to the files

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See How Easily You Can Embed a Map on Your Site

Embedding Beautiful Maps on your Site or Blog Pages

Did you ever want to place one of those cool maps on your site or blog? Say for example if you have an event going on, or want to give directions to your house, or want to show where something happened that you are describing. Well, there are several really easy ways that you can use to give your pages that polished look. They use many of the popular internet mapping services along with varying degrees of know-how to get the maps from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft straight into your pages.

I’ll take a look at a few.

Google Maps

Let’s start at the top; the king of the heap, Google Maps. You know ’em, you love ’em. Speed, beauty, detail, elegance, it’s all there. Well, the good news is, they provide the best combination of Ease of Use and Functionality of all the contenders when it comes to easily embedding a nice functional map on your site or blog.

Here is an embedded Google map:

View Larger Map

This is quick, simple and nice. Once again, Google does it right.

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How to Learn Anyting: Fast, Fun, and Free!

Great Sites to Learn New Tricks

The world is moving and changing at a rapidly increasing pace. There are so many things that we all need to learn just to keep pace. At work, school, home… our finances, technology, health, etc. Nobody knows everything, and even if you did, there would be 10 new things to learn tomorrow.

Where do you turn to learn the things you need to know? Where else, but our good old friend, the interwebs. That’s right, the old series of tubes is good for more than just porn checking stock prices, horoscopes, and sports scores.

Just about anything that you might need to learn is out there in a smart, concise tutorial somewhere. But where?

Well that’s what we’re here for. Here are some of the blogs that I use regularly for help.

Using Software

Windows Fanatics Tips on simple handy applications for your PC

Download Squad Tips and articles on doing things with software

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