Fix the Annoying Cell Phone Buzz in your Computer Speakers

Regain your Sanity with a $3.00 Part from Radio Shack.


I read an article the other day about stopping the annoying buzz that my computer speakers make when my cell phone is on my desk. It turns out that the noise is caused by ElectroMagnetic Interference.

If you have a GSM cell phone (just about everyone in the world besides Verizon and Sprint) the phone tries to use the wires in your speakers as an antenna. Well, actually, the signal jumps to the speaker wire and causes that mind-warping buzzing noise.


There is actually a very cheap, simple way to fix this problem.

  1. Go to Radio Shack (or another electronics store) and buy a pack of Snap Choke Cores.
  2. Clamp them around the speaker wires as close as you can get them to the base of the speakers.
  3. Keep your cell phone near by and enjoy the quiet. (or your music.)


Here are the step-by-step video instructions:

Additional Resources

Lifehacker has a short article explaining this topic. has the original article that inspired me to create the video.

Wikipedia has detailed articles on ElectorMagnetic Interference and Ferrite Beads.

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