What are your Thoughts on Google Plus After Three Weeks?

Pretty Cool, but I’m Still Looking for More

Google plus review

Google + has been live for just about a month now. I got an invite (thanks Gerald Webber) about three weeks ago. I’ve been using it for a few minutes here and there just about every day. I have some mixed feelings about exactly how much I like it. (Add me here and I’ll add you back.)

Things I Like

Circles – I love the concept of grouping people into different buckets. Let’s face it, all contacts are not created equal. Instead of calling EVERYBODY a “friend”, I have a circle calledFriends filled with people who I’m actually friends with. That’s old school! I have a few other circles like: Family, Coworkers, Acquaintances, and Following (people who I follow, but dont’ really know).  This way, if I want to see what’s going on with the people in any of those groups, I can filter their news streams intelligently.

The Stream – Well, not the entire stream, but the ability to Plus One (like), Comment On, and Share from right inside of the Stream. This is kind of like a mix between Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter.

Google pluse comments

Things I’d Like to See

YouTube Integration – I have over 100 videos that have 350,000 + views. Why aren’t they part of my profile? I’m sure they’ll get it figured out at some point.

Picasa is just not Flickr – I know, it’s Google’s photo service, but Flickr is still light years ahead.

Google Docs Integration – Enough said.

Still Not Sure Yet…

I have not tried the Hangout feature yet, but from the videos that I’ve seen it looks like a pretty cool feature.

Google plus hangout

Your Two Cents

What do you think about Google + so far?

Please leave any of your thoughts in the Comments below. If you still need a Google Plus invite include that in your comment. I’ll try to see if I can scare up an invite or two while they last.


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