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Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman

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I read a lot of Tech and Gadget sites (198 feeds and counting) and 95% of them are written by men, for men. That’s great, if you’re a guy (which I am). What about the ladies? Don’t they deserve some Gadget Love? Don’t they want to know what’s going on with Facebook, Google, or Apple? Sure they do!

It just so happens that there are a bunch of excellent Tech and Gadget blogs written by women, with women in mind. Here’s my little secret: They’re usually pretty cool for guys too. At least this guy.

If there’s a special lady in your life (or if you are one) that likes her tech without a side of testosterone, here are a few sites for her. logo This is my favorite of the bunch. They are part of the Sugar Inc. blog network, whose vision is “to be the definitive online media company for trendsetting, passionate women ages 18-44″.

Geeksugar’s motto is “To geek with a woman’s touch“. They feature lots of tips on cool gadgets, questions, surveys, website picks, how to’s, and celebrity gadgets. I love the fun, crisp writing style and daily surveys, which are like someone thinking out loud “is this ok?

If you only have time for one of these sites, this would be my recommendation. logo Popgadget covers “Personal Tech + Innovative Lifestyle for Women“. The about page describes their goal: “To geek with a woman’s touch.”  Some of the interesting things that they cover are Portable Media, Phones, Accessories (I think they do a great job with Accessories), Shopping, Home Technology, Fashion Technology, plus lots of Surveys on tech and gadgets.

This is also a very strong blog in this category and any other one. Geeksugar and Popgadet are both among the top 15 overall sites I read every day. logo ShinyShiny is owned by blogging network Shiny Media. They describe themselves as “A Girl’s Guide to Gadgets“. They do a great job of covering gadgets, and daily website picks. Definitely worth a read. logoTech and Gadgets from a Girl’s Perspective” ChipChick is “for women to have a site that helps them keep up with the latest technology trends and how to make these trends more fashionable and customizable“. They mainly stick to gadget reviews in written and video format. The do a good job with the reviews, especially the videos. logo TechieDiva is “a tech haven for women of all ages who want to stay up to date with technology that matters to them“. They provide Daily Tips, Gift Guides, Style News, and Gadget Reviews. There are lots of good reviews on gadgets, hardware, and accessories.

A Few Other Female Oriented Tech Sites

If I missed any Female Oriented Tech and Gadget sites, please add them in the comments.

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