A Guide to the Essential Features of Mobile Monitoring Applications

Mobile Monitoring Apps Features
A Guide to the Essential Features of Mobile Monitoring Applications

The use of mobile monitoring applications is on the rise nowadays. Whether it is to monitor the activities of your kids, spouse, or employees, mobile monitoring apps are really becoming successful in either ensuring protection from threats such as child abuse or in catching hold of illegal activities during office hours. Undoubtedly, these highly advanced apps have become the digital detectives that hold the power to track any phone activity and expose at regular intervals to remote bosses like you who are always on the mission of safe or legal phone usage.

But have you ever thought what makes these apps so powerful enough that you remotely come to know about each and every activity done on a phone? Well, it is the set of unbeatable features that are listed below!

Work in invisible mode

There are many mobile monitoring apps that work in stealth mode after installation. This means that the phone user does not even come to know that a secret spy in the digital mode has been already deployed on the phone’s memory. This is the greatest feature of a mobile spy app that allows for permanent tracking and control.

Compatible on most mobile platforms

Whether it is Blackberry or iPhone, or Android or Symbian; the mobile monitoring apps work on a majority of platforms at once. For example, a single subscription to a monitoring app can give you the opportunity to track Blackberry, Android, or a Windows phone.

Record calls, SMSs, and e-mails

A mobile monitoring app is able to track the call history of the target phone along with the time/date stamps and call duration irrespective of whether a particular call’s data is stored on the phone. This means that you can see all incoming and outgoing calls irrespective of whether they are deleted or not. Similarly, you can view the exact messages received or sent from the phone via SMSs or e-mails to know who is sending what kind of messages on the phone.

Display videos and images

Videos and pictures are many a times the main culprits that encourage illegal happenings such as child abuse or business secret leaks. Therefore, a mobile monitoring app exposes such multimedia content so that you can keep an eye even on it.

Show Latest GPS Location

No matter where the phone is or where you are, you can always know the latest location of the phone with the help of GPS service. This is not only useful in case of theft but is also handy to find out whether your kid, colleague, or spouse is lying to you or not.

Track URLs, messenger messages, social network conversations, and bookmarks

A mobile monitoring app is comprehensive enough to spread its wings for exposing the Internet activities. Right from the sites browsed to posts and tweets shared, you can easily come to know what the user is doing via the phone’s Internet.

Trace appointment book, phone book, memos, tasks, notes, and calendar

A mobile monitoring app also peeps into the phone apps to track the number of hits and duration of usage. This means you can easily track the events, contacts, to-do lists, and reminders added daily to the phone.

These are the common features found in any mobile monitoring app, which are very handy to catch hold of anything suspicious. Perhaps, the chances are now 100% that you can protect your kids or increase the productivity of the employees at office.

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