Hottest Women in Tech

Who are the “Hottest Women in Tech?”

It used to be that the very few women that were into Tech were though of as, let’s just say “smart” looking. Not usually very pretty and certainly not “Sexy”. Recently, however, that seems to be changing in a big way. I have noticed a wave of really smart, interesting, funny, and yes SEXY women involved in tech. Not Vanna White-esque show girls or Vegas trade show “booth babes”, but real legit geeks who love tech and know their stuff. When you mix two things that I love; Technology and Sexy-Smart women, it’s no wonder that I’m logging so much computer time.

If you remember the Friends episode when Ross and
Rachel made their “Lists”
of celebrities that they were allowed to hook up with. Well, here is my list of geek “exceptions” that I share with my wife.

Disclaimer: This is a commentary on how the world of tech has an influx of women who are both SMART and Sexy. It is meant to pay tribute to the beautiful and smart women of tech. I sincerely hope this is seen as a compliment, not sexist or misogonist. And hopefully a little fun too.

Of course, I can’t start a list without qualifying the criteria for entry. All candidates have to REALLY be into Tech, not jus play the role of a geek chick in TV or Movies. They must be on Technology related show, or podcast or blog.

The Grading Scale is made up of the following components:

Geek Fu: How much does she know about and care about tech?
Smarts: Is she smart? Because after all, we are talking about nerd chicks, so they kinda have to be smart.
Smile: If she smiled and asked for your last bite of ice cream, would she get it?
Personality: Could you spend time with her and not want to kill yourself?
Sexiness: Does she make you just a litte bit crazy? You know what I mean.
**Each category will be rated from 1 – 20 points**

The Winner Is:

Amber Mac Arthur – Command N, Web Nation

Why she’s hot: The smile, the hair, the brains, the body, it’s all in there. She hits on all of the categories and sticks the landing like a russian gymnast.

Why you should listen to her: She’s smart, funny, passionate, involved, what else do you need. I would totally marry her, if I wasn’t already married and she wouldn’t think I was totally creepy and gross.

Geek Fu: 19 (She was on Tech TV before it sucked. She really knows her stuff.)
Smarts: 19 (Definitely a smart chick. She knows how to Market / Brand herself too.)
Smile: 20 (The best set of teeth on the web. Her smile is the reason for Global Warming.)
Personality: 19 (Awesome! -1 point for being too nice. I love me some bitchy women.)
Sexiness: 17 (If you don’t dig her, U R GAY!)
TOTAL: 94 (Edging out Cali Lewis by a thin, perfectly groomed blonde hair.)

Cali Lewis – Geek Brief

Why she’s hot: Smart, fun, bouncy, happy, ridiculous body and loves gadgets.

Why you should listen to her: Seriously, she has the two most important things in any endevor: Know About IT, Care About It. You know you are getting thorough accurate information from someone who lives and loves tech.

Geek Fu: 18 (She’s down with every gadget going. Built her own linux media pc.)
Smarts: 18 (See the line above.)
Smile: 18
Personality: 17 (She’s peppy, bouncy, bubbly. I took off 3 points, because that might be aggravating in the morning.)
Sexiness: 19 (She turns a corny t-shirt into a work of art. Wiggle, Giggle, Bounce.)
TOTAL: 90 points and it could have gone even higher. (Still the hottest in America.)

Olivia Munn – Attack of the Show

Why she’s hot: Smokin’ hot body. Dress in Wonder Woman costume and Princess Leah suit. Andy looks better than either of the originals.

Why you should listen to her: She does a good job with the show. Not just an incredible body a prett face.

Geek Fu: 12 (I’m not really sure of any super ninja skills.)
Smarts: 13 (She’s OK, but I have not seen any signs of Evil Genius.)
Smile: 15 (Pretty good.)
Personality: 14 (She did dress up as Slave Princess Leah and Wonder Woman.)
Sexiness: 20+ (Let me say it again Slave Princess Leah Coustume)

Amanda Congdon – Rockeboom – ABC News

Why she’s hot: Pretty, smart, funny, broke new ground.

Why you should listen to her: She is delivering the news. No seriously she was part of the Rocketboom launch. Then, when that mysteriously fell apart, she took it big time and went to ABC.

Geek Fu: 14
Smarts: 16 (Roketboom dumped her and she got the last laugh.)
Smile: 14 (She’s a good smiler, what can I say?)
Personality: 15 (Very cool.)
Sexiness: 13

Morgan Webb – Webb Alert

Why she’s hot: Awesome looks + Video Game Junkie.

Why you should listen to her: She’s good.

Geek Fu: 15 (She’s a big video gamer.)
Smarts: 14
Smile: 13
Personality: 14 (Good, not great.)
Sexiness: 16 (Just look at her.)

Lala – Tiki Bar

Why she’s hot: She just oozes sex. The eyes, the serpentine dance movements.

Why you should listen to her: She was the best part of one of the first smash video podcasts ever.

Geek Fu: 8 (She’s not really techie, but she is on an awesome video podcast.)
Smarts: 6 (Her whole schtick is the dumb chick.)
Smile: 20 (Real smiley)
Personality: 15 (She’s on a show about drinking.)
Sexiness: 20 (Is there a higher score allowed?)
TOTAL: 69 (I swear, that’s just how the math worked out.)

Karina Stenquist – Mobuzz

Why she’s hot: Why listen to me, when you can take this guy’s word for it?

Why you should listen to her: I like her commentary style. Very good host. Plus, she mixes in the Spanish quite well.

Geek Fu: 12 (Decent, she does host a tech podcast.)
Smarts: 14 (Good,not great.)
Smile: 11 (Not the warmest.)
Personality: 14 (Nice. probably her best attribute.)
Sexiness: 14 (Wears skimpy tops a lot)

Honorable Mention: Katie Brevard – Podcast Salad, Bailey – WKRP in Cincinatti, All of these chicks, and these.

Well, there you have it. Please let me know if I missed or slighted anyone.

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Hottest Women in Tech

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