How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

How Many Social Networking Tools Do You Really Need?

Every time I turn on the Interwebs, there is some hot new future bankruptcy social network that is going to revolutionize the world. I usually go over and sign up, if for no other reason than research. Well, most of these world beaters turn out to be a bust. First of all, social networks are terrible for early adopters, unless you have 20 or so close friends who will join with you. Second, you really only need a few to take care of the 12+ hours a day that I spend on the computer.

What Services / Products I Use

Myspace – I love, hate, and use MySpace as much as any of the others. As hideous and annoying as Myspace is, all of my friends are there. It was hard enough for some of my friends to get email addresses, I can’t just say, “Hey, let’s all switch over to Facebook.” This is the AOL of this decade. 30 million people sure can be wrong!

As hideous and annoying as Myspace is, all of my friends are there. It was hard enough for some of my friends to get email addresses, I can’t just say, “Hey, let’s all switch over to Facebook.”

Facebook – I love Facebook, but none of my real friends do. I’m trying to switch people without a lot of success. Does my wife really count? I can talk to her using mouths and ears.

LinkedIn – I use this to build out my professional network. It is really good from that point of view. I have found friends and colleagues from numerous old jobs. It is great for that type of thing.

Plaxo – What a turnaround for Plaxo. They used to be a spam factory, but now they have an invaluable service. If you have multiple web and desktop solutions for mail, contacts, and calendaring then Plaxo can save your day. You can set up your Outlook, gmail, aol, yahoo, hotmail, profiles to all sync up to one central database. This way, if you add a new Contact, To Do, or Appointment to any of your profiles, it will automatically by synchronized with all of your accounts. Now, all of your information will be in your web and desktop systems all of the time.

Social News
StumbleUpon – I use this to find cool new sites. I also use it to market my site. It brings in more traffic than every other source combined.

Digg – I find new and interesting stories and sites on Digg. Plus, the Diggnation video podcast is still the funniest thing around.

Mybloglog – I use Mybloglog to see stats and information about other bloggers and what they’re up to.

Flickr – I use Flickr to post and share all of my favorite photos with my friends and family. It’s cool that you can see all of the new stuff that your friends post. I love all of the awesome features and third party mashups.

Pandora – I use Pandora to discover new music based upon my bands that I like. If I spend an hour listening to one of my stations, I will always hear 3 or 4 new and cool bands. It’s definitely expanded my musical tastes tremendously.

YouTube – There is no better way to waste some time on the web than watching idiots on Youtube. I love to watch stuff and send it to my friends. – I save and tag all of the sites that I want to come back to. This helps me remember and organize all of the many things that I come across on the web.

Bloglines – While not really a true Social Networking service, I use it to keep track of a ton of stuff. News, Comments on my blog, What my friends are digging, Sports scores, etc.

Microsoft Outlook – Mostly for Contact and Calendar management. Plus everything on earth syncs with it. Try the Plaxo toolbar to keep Outlook in sync with lots of your other social sites.
Pidgin or Trillian – I’m constantly bouncing back and forth between these two all-in-one instant messaging clients. You can log into all of your IM services in one tidy window. If you use those services for webmail, you can launch the inbox right from the IM window. Both Free, Both Great.
AOL Instant Messenger – Like Facebook, Everyone is on it, so I still use my account (chrism1128).
Yahoo Messenger – I know a lot of people with Yahoo email addresses, but only a few use their IM. (Chris_masiello1)
MSN Messenger – Same as Yahoo. (Christopher.masiello)
Google-Talk – Same as Yahoo and MSN. (Christopher.masiello) That’s why I use Pidgin or Trillian.

Big Players that I Don’t Use

Twitter – Nobody really cares “Where You AT?”. Really, they just don’t. The whole thing just seems gay to me.
Pownce – You know I’m a Digg and Diggnation fanboy, but I don’t really need those features for my day-to-day life. Somebody holla at me on Pownce and show me a good reason to use it.

You can find my contact information on my About page.

What Do YOU Use or Avoid?

Let me know below.

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20 responses on “How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

  1. netvalar

    I regularly use
    Stumbleapon and digg

    That is all I can handle however having my blog set-up for the springwise widget and many other social networking sites having RSS on the main profile I from time to time sign up for a new one and just set-up my blog to show on the front page. Without active participation though I don’t get much from these others.

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  3. Coop

    As a testament to all of the services people do use, take a look at all the options you have to bookmark your article. 40(ish) options, and that’s just to bookmark.


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  5. Raka

    I think online nrinoektwg is very important, from a personal experience, living away from my country has required me the need to keep in touch with all my friends and family. Keeping track of all those phone numbers and email adresses wasn’t easy. I was found pushed into joining diffrent Networking websites such as Facebook and My Space , they were a great help!You always have to keep your personal information limited though, and not post everything about your personal life on there like some people do because that could be dangerous

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