Information Graphics – Explaining the Complex Using Graphics and Animation

Using Graphics and Animations to Explain Things

starbucks-macdonalds2Did you ever have a really complex concept or idea to express. Often times, words alone are not enough to convey the information in an effective way. Sometimes, I can put together a few PowerPoint bullets (ugh!), maybe a graph or chart, of if I’m feeling like exceeding expectations, I’ll throw together a Visio flowchart. These all help, but if you really want to knock people’s socks off, you need a high quality Information Graphic.

Information-Design has a great list of articles on the art of Information Graphics. Strangely enough, there is not a single image on the entire page.

Illustrations that Tell a Story

Princeton had a piece on Information Graphics on their International Networks Archive site. (The picture at the top of this post and some other cool ones can be found there.)

Information Graphics as Animations or Videos

There are some great examples of Information Graphics in Music Videos, Commercials, and Performance Art. Here are some good ones that I found on Youtube:

This Royksopp Video for “Remind Me” is the best animation that I have ever seen. If I had these guys at my beck and call, I could teach or explain any topic on Earth.

History Through the Eyes of Information Graphics

I came across some pretty cool animations that explained history in a new and interesting way. (If you are a data/illustration/history geek like me anyway.)

You can see the History of the World’s Major Religions in 90 Seconds at This is a must see.

Animation of the History of the World's Major Religions in 90 Seconds

The U.S. Army has a great interactive History of the Battle of Gettysburg on their website.

Interactive History of the Battle of Gettysburgh

HistoryShots is selling bunch of poster illustrations that track the History of Life on Earth and many other interesting things.

History of American Ballparks

Maybe history wouldn’t have been so boring if we had some cool stuff like this to help us learn.

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