Instructional System Design vs. Rapid Prototyping…

… The Great Debate

Speaker: Mark Steiner (Mark Steiner Consulting)

Concept: Taking a Hybrid approach of the A.D.D.I.E. instructional design approach and Rapid Prototyping to make a more efficient, effective E-Learning Development model.

He advocates keeping the good things from ADDIE (structure, logic, systematic, etc.) and combining it with the speed and efficiency of Rapid Prototyping in an “iterative” manner. You need ADDIE’s thorough Analysis phase, but take the Design, Development, and Evaluation and do them in small repetative cycles with the design team.

He reccomends taking the “most complex” module of the course and quickly designing and building it without the advanced graphics, simulations, media, and programming. Leave placeholders for these pieces. Then, let the team evaluate the overall ideas, content, and direction. Give them specific notes on what they ARE and ARE NOT evaluating.

This allows you to make sure the approach is right, before you do 90% of your work. Now, you get the opportunity to capatilize on feedback all of the way through the process, instead of just the end. It’s already too late at that point! If you’re design stinks, you just built 15% of the course incorrectly (not 100%) and now the next 85% will be built the right way.

The instructor had a very laid back style and he let his knowledge of the content build his credibility.

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