Would you Browse the Net While Driving?

What will Connected Cars Mean to the Future of Driving?

Internet connected cars

Once upon a time, cars were simply a vehicle to get to and from a destination. One of the best gadgets cars had included were windscreen wipers which allowed you to drive in wet weather conditions. Then there was central locking which meant all of a sudden you didn’t have to run around and lock the doors manually. The amount of technology integrated in new cars and the number of added extras available over the past decade is seriously impressive and exciting. You can now watch TV, DVDs or play on a games console in your motor. The latest integration takes technology in cars to a new level by making the Internet and Google Street View available in vehicles.

The integration of the Internet and Google Street View in cars is a huge development, albeit a potentially dangerous move. Google’s dominance is expanding every day and this move only confirms them slowly exerting their influence in different industries.

A concern which comes with this technology being available in cars is the potential for accidents due to drivers attempting to browse the internet or use Google Street View whilst driving. This alluring add-on would distract their attention, possibly more so than using their mobile while driving, which was banned in the UK. It is also banned to access the internet via your hand-help phone while driving, so it will be interesting what the law has to say about this latest move by car manufacturers and Google.

German car manufacturer, Audi, recently announced an ‘Audi Connect’ initiative which included LTE broadband internet in the new Audi A8. The broadband is faster than 3G and DSL technology. Although currently only a prototype of the A8 has been made, the creative brand say they will construct the vehicle this year. Audi leasing is therefore a very popular choice in 2012. Their constant drive (excuse the pun) to construct impressive and high performing vehicles is exceptional.

Another popular option for leasers this year is Land Rover leasing and Mercedes-Benz lease deals. Land Rover are not only powerful cars, but also very stylish and have a strong presence on the road. Mercedes are another German car manufacturer who are allegedly working very hard in 2012 to improve in-car technology. There are rumours of semi- autonomous car being produced to make life easier for drivers.

It’s clear to see that there are going to be big changes made in the car industry in the following years. Manufacturers are working on exciting changes which will maximise the performance and practicality of cars.

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