The Quickest Way to Set Up Your New Mac

Install All of your Favorite Mac Apps in a Flash

Overview: See how to quickly install numerous applications on a new Mac computer using


Save yourself a lot of Time and Headaches

Not many things are as bittersweet as getting a brand new Mac. Sure, you have this beautiful new powerhouse, but you still have to go through the long tedious process of finding, downloading, and installing all of the software that you need. This typically involves making trips to a dozen or more websites to hunt down your favorite apps. What a hassle!

Last year I wrote an article for PC users that shows How to Create a Bulk Software Installer on a Windows PC using The article showed how to install a dozen or more apps on a new computer in just a few clicks. This was actually my most popular (and helpful) post all year. Well, Mac users have a tool to help them install a whole bunch of applications on their computer quickly. has a collection of 418 (and counting) free and paid applications that you can instantly download, then install on your Mac.

Getting Started with AllMyMacApps

Quit scouring the web for your programs, and try the one stop for all your mac apps. Search, share, and download.

When you go to the AllMyMacApps website you can either download the Fluid application or search their catalog online.

AllMyMacApps Home Page

Click the Allmymacapps for your dock icon to download the Fluid app to your computer.

Install Fluid first, then Allmymacapps second. Here is a full tutorial on installing and using Fluid if you need to get up to speed.


Now you can use Allmymacapps from your desktop.

AllMyMacApps query screen

Searching for Applications to Install

You can search for apps by typing the application name into the Keyword field.

allmymacapps filter options

You can filter the application catalog by Category, or Cost (Free, Paid, or Both).

Hold your cursor over an application to see the available options.

alllmymacapps application options

Selecting Applications for Download and Installation

You can Add an app to your app box or Download the application immediately.

If you want to know more about an app, click the i button to View information about the app.

allmymacapps information lightbox

If you are going to install several applications, you should just click the “+” icon to add them all to your app box.

allmymacapps my apps box

When you have all of the desired apps in your app box you can click and download them one at a time. Then you can install each application after it downloads. It would be awesome if you could download the whole bundle and have them automatically install in one shot, but for now you’ll still save a bunch of time.

What I would like to see them Add

This is a nice start, but it’s still not as efficient as I can’t wait until they add the ability to save a collection of apps that you can share with others. This would be particularly helpful for people who need to set up similar machines, over and over. (The IT guy.)

It would also be nice if the whole bundle would just install a dozen or so apps in just a few clicks. Give them a little time and I’m sure they will add these things.

AllMyMacApps Video Tutorial

See how AllMyMacApps works in the video tutorial below.

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2 responses on “The Quickest Way to Set Up Your New Mac

  1. Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    Very very cool Christopher, this deserves a definite look see.

    I also notice we recommend some of the same software…always a good sign. ;)

  2. Brandon

    Thanks for featuring our website. We have since updated the Allmymacapps download to have the Fluid app included in the zip file and a README for instructions as well. It’s good to see that this is becoming a useful resource for mac users. We will be continuing to add more apps so come back often!

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