22 Most Useful Free Applications for your PC

Use your Computer, Not your Wallet

The recession is hitting everyone hard and money is tight. That doesn’t mean that can’t get the most out of your computer. There are so many great free applications that can help you do just about anything. I’m going to take a look at 22 applications that I use all the time with wonderful results.

VitaminCM.com Favorite Free software

I’m going to identify the free applications that I use in the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Internet
  • Productivity
  • Multimedia
  • System Utilities

I have my personal favorites that I’m going to talk about, but those are not your only options. I’ll also list any other viable alternatives that I’m aware of for each category.


I’m  a big fan of Microsoft Outlook, but I have been using Thunderbird on my computer for a while now. It’s not quite as good, but it’s constantly closing the gap. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep in touch for free.

thunderbird icon
Digsby icon

Thunderbird – This is Mozilla’s open source answer to Microsoft Outlook. You can do Email, Contacts, and Calendaring very similarly to Outlook (minus some of the polish). It’s built using the same open, extensible platform as Firefox, so there is a steadily growing collection of extensions to augment it’s functionality. Turbocharge Thunderbird with these plug-ins. Alternatives: Gmail.

Digsby – Simply the best Instant Messenger tool available. You can connect to all of your IM networks (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google, ICQ, Jabber, and Facebook ) to let you chat with any of your contacts. That alone makes it valuable, but wait, there’s more: Get real-time updates on your social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn). You can also get updates on your inbox for just about any email account (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, plus any IMAP and POP3 accounts). Alternatives: If you’re looking for something almost as good, try Pidgin IM or Trillian with a bunch of plug-ins. Meebo (Web Based).


This is the home of the freebies. There are so many free internet browsers and applications that I could go on all day. Actually, the follow-up article will focus on the best web-based applications.

firefox icon
Google Earth icon

Firefox – The Granddaddy of all free software. If there were one piece of software that I would just not give up, it’s Firefox. Alternatives: Flock (Firefox variant aimed at media and social networking), Opera (decent alternative, but no extensions), Google Chrome (lean and clean new-kid-on-the-block), Apple Safari (only for testing web development).

Google Earth – Put every inch of the Earth at the tip of your finger. I’m not sure how much anybody “needs” this software, but you know you want it. Stalk your friends, enemies, and ex, then check out the Eifel Tower and Pyramids.


Getting things done on your computer can often cost you a pretty penny. While I’m still an advocate of forking over the money for Microsoft Office, there a lot of other areas that you can save money.

Rocketdock icon

Windows Live Writer – I write every one of my blog posts using Live Writer. If you have a blog you really should try this. It handles multiple sites and has tons of extensions to customize it. Alternatives: Raven is a desktop blogging software that is a lighter alternative to WLW.  Not light enough? Try the Scribefire extension for Firefox.

Notepad++ – Sure, Windows comes with a text editor built in, but not like Notepad++. You can use the tabbed interface to work on multiple documents at once. There is syntax highlighting for editing code. If I need to do minor edits to code I can open a file, make the changes, and have it closed before Dreamweaver would even begin launching. This is another application with plethora of extensions that allow you to modify it to your heart’s content.

Foxit PDF Reader – Love PDFs, but hate the bloat of Adobe Acrobat? I thought so. Foxit will open your PDF files so fast, you’ll wonder why anyone would ever use Acrobat. Get hours of your life back.

CutePDF Writer – If you need to create PDF files from your documents and don’t want to shell out for Acrobat Pro, then get CutePDF Writer. This installs on your system as a Printer. Then, you can turn any printable information from any application on your computer into a perfect PDF.  Put it all together to be a PDF champion.


Here is one of the fields where you can spend your whole paycheck on commercial software. Pick up anything from Adobe, Corel, Pinnacle, etc and you’ll see what I mean. Fear not, there are plenty of ways to view, manage, create, and distribute your media without spending a dime.

VLC icon
Picasa icon
iTunes icon

Paint.net – If you need to do minor edits to your photos and images that don’t warrant the King’s ransom that Photoshop commands, you should give Paint.net a try. You can do edits that range from simple to complex without spending a dime. Yes, I know there’s a huge Gimp following, but I just like this better. Alternatives: The Gimp do yourself a favor get the Gimpshop version.
VLC – This is a streamed down media player that will play any audio or video format ever created flawlessly. This is a lot like Foxit for your videos. It opens lightning fast and begins playing your files. Light, fast, simple!

Picasa – Manage your photos like a champ. If you have more than 10 photos on your computer, you MUST get Picasa. Organize, search, display, and share your photos in a way that will make you really appreciate your camera. Windows Live Photo Gallery (Reasonable clone of Picasa integrates with Windows Live services well).

iTunes – Yeah I know, there are a bunch of alternatives but, I still just like iTunes. It does just about everything I need very well and the few things it doesn’t do, I just use one of the other options. Alternatives: (Media Monkey, Songbird, Winamp, Miro TV)

DVD Shrink – If you want to make “backup copies” of any of your “legally purchased” DVDs, this is the simplest application out there. Pop in the disk, click “Backup” and go. Then, use DVD Decrypter to burn it to a blank disk. Once you do the simple setup, you can do a two click back up of any DVD. (I hope Netflix doesn’t read this blog.)

System Utilities

Keeping my system healthy and working its best is a never ending challenge. These are some of the tools that I use to help.
uTorrent icon
ccleaner icon
7Zip icon
Filezilla icon

CCleaner – Keep your PC squeaky clean with this System Optimization tool. It deletes just about every kind of unnecessary crap from your computer. Temporary files, Cookies and other junk from every browser, Programs running at Startup, Uninstalls software and fixes all kinds of problems in your Registry. Click about five buttons and wait about a minute and your machine is a new person. Alternatives: NCleaner – better in some ways, but worse interface. AdAware and Spybot for spyware removal.

Filezilla – My favorite FTP client. Quick, simple, and easy. FTP from your browser with FireFTP. Not secure enough, try WinSCP for secure FTP. Use Putty for Telnet and SSH access.

Rocket Dock – Do you have Mac Envy? This launching doc is nearly a dead clone of Apple’s dock. You can launch Applications, Folders, Files, and other processes so quickly and easily, you’ll never click the Start button again. Alternatives: Object Dock

7Zip – This WinZip alternative will open just about any archive file format known to man. It’s faster and lighter on resources than any archive tool I’ve used. Alternatives: There are a bunch, here is a list of free winzip alternatives.

TightVNC – Remotely view and control other computers from your desktop. Install the server software on one (remote) computer and then control it with the viewer software from your main computer. Great for helping diagnose computer problems on your family and friend’s computers. Alternatives: UltraVNC and RealVNC have comparable feature sets and decent followings. See this tutorial for Using VNC to remotely control another computer.

uTorrent – The best way to download huge files is with BitTorrent technology. My (current) favorite BitTorrent client is uTorrent. Nothing spectacular, just a solid tool that fills an important role. Alternatives: Azureus is a java based bit torrent client with similar features.

SyncBack Freeware – Very powerful backup program with numerous configuration options including: Backup and Restore of files, Synchronization of files, Zip Compression of backed up files to save space, Back up to FTP servers, Filters for choosing what to back up or ignore. Alternatives: Mozy Backup (web base $5/per month)

AVG Antivirus – Don’t destroy your computer with that garbage that Norton and McAfee are peddling. Those two applications will screw up you computer worse than any virus. AVG Antivirus (free version) protects your computer from viruses, spyware, and heebie-jeebies of all types without bogging down your computer. Alternatives: Antivir and Avast also offer very good free antivirus options.

There is a List of Free Mac Apps Too

See the list of the 26 Best Free Mac Applications.

Stay tuned for the next article where I talk about getting things done for free using Web-Based applications.

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91 responses on “22 Most Useful Free Applications for your PC

  1. Will

    Good call on AVG. It’s amazing how many people I’ve told that McAfee and Norton are useless that have replied with “But I paid £50 for it?”

    Paid-for doesn’t necessarily equal better.

  2. Orlsend

    Yeah when I used Windows AVG was the best, I now use Linux so viruses are not a issue anymore, If you get Firefox you wont be needing fireZilla theirs a Add-on called FireFTP and its way better than firezilla.

  3. akhilesh

    Perhaps the best of the lot shown here is AVG. And certainly it is far better than Norton or Macafee. Google documents can certainly be to an extent at this point of time be substituted for Microsoft Office.
    It is equally marvellous.

  4. Henk

    My list;

    AntiSpyware: Spyware Terminator [Security-AntiSpyware]
    Antivirus: AntiVir [Security-Antivirus]
    Audio Editing: Audacity [Multimedia-Audio]
    Audio Organising: MediaMonkey [Multimedia-Audio]
    Audio Player: AlSong [Multimedia-Audio]
    Browser: Firefox [Browsers]
    Compression: AlZip [Tweaking-Office]
    CD/DVD Burner: CDBurnerXP Pro [Multimedia-Optical]
    Defragging : Defraggler [Tweaking]
    Desktop Search: Google Desktop [Tweaking-Office]
    DVD Creation: DVD Flick [Multimedia-Optical]
    DVD Decrypter: DVD Fab HD Decrypter [Multimedia-Optical]
    DVD Video Files Convertor: HandBrake [Multimedia-Optical]
    Encryption of Files: PGP [Security-Encryption]
    Encryption of Drives: TrueCrypt [Security-Encryption]
    FTP: FileZilla [Remote-FTP]
    Image Editing: Paint.NET [Multimedia-Imaging]
    Image Organising: Picasa [Multimedia-Imaging]
    Image Viewing: FastStone MaxView [Multimedia-Imaging]
    Office: Open Office [Tweaking-Office]
    Offline Storage: DriveHQ [Remote-Storage]
    PDF Printer: PrimoPDF [Tweaking-Office]
    PDF Reader: Foxit Reader [Tweaking-Office]
    Remote PC: UltraVNC [Remote]
    Rip Audio: Audiograbber [Multimedia-Optical]
    Screen Recording: Jing – [Multimedia-Imaging]
    Screenshots: Jing – [Multimedia-Imaging]
    System Cleaner: CCleaner [Tweaking]
    Video Playing: Media Player Classic [Multimedia-Video]
    Virtual Desktops: WindowsPager [Tweaking]
    Virtual Drives: Virtual CloneDrive [Multimedia-Optical]
    Virtualisation Software: VirtualBox [Remote]

  5. Renan

    “Alternatives: The Gimp do yourself a favor get the Gimpshop version. ”

    Please, do yourself a favor and DO NOT BOTHER with GimpShop!!!! (sorry for the CAPS LOCK, but I had to highlight this).

    It is based on GIMP 2.2.11, which is more than 2 years old.
    Therefore, you are missing ALL the many new and improved features (too long to list here) of GIMP 2.4 and 2.6.

    Just a warning…

  6. Foxy K

    A few notes:
    I had AVG for a while and didn’t really like it. There is another antivirus program called NOD32 by Eset that isn’t free (I just keep getting the 30 day trial over and over again) that works like a dream.

    iTunes is a resource hog. My friend once reported iTunes using 776 megs of his RAM. WMP or Winamp are much better (WMP looks nice but Winamp uses hardly any resources.)

  7. GMNightmare

    Comodo Internet Security is the all in one free security suite that works quite a bit better than all others in my opinion. I’d give it a try, it uses very little resources and covers mostly everything.

  8. Victor

    Good list but I really hate Itunes, plus apple is acting like Microsoft used to and they are annoying everyone. I love love love love WINAMP It does everything a lot fast than Itunes can. And open office is where its at no need to shed money for Microsoft office anymore. If you advocated buying Microsoft office you should not be speaking about free applications

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  10. LakotaJames

    You know, the best free software in existence was left out of this list: GNU/Linux.
    I run Ubuntu Linux, which comes with a lot of what you mentioned. With Linux, there is no reason to install an anti-virus, because there aren’t any viruses for it. It is incredibly secure, and has never locked up on me at all in the bast year and a half I have been using it. (compared to Windows XP, which locked up at least once a week, if not more.) Speaking of XP, Ubuntu is also at least twice as fast as XP on my computer, even with compiz-fusion (the Linux equivalent to Vista’s Aero and OSX’s Aqua). It is also much more customizable than Windows. You can make Ubuntu look like just about anything you can imagine. I have made it look identical to XP, Vista, and OSX on different occasions, though I didn’t stick with any of them for very long. If you want to try it with out committing to anything, you can download and burn the CD, and boot directly from the CD drive into a completely usable desktop (with the speed limited to that of the drive). You can install it to a separate partition of the hard drive, and keep XP. You can choose which to boot when you turn on the computer. There really isn’t a reason not to try it, a CD costs about 50 cents. Surely the economy isn’t THAT bad, is it?

  11. Christopher Masiello

    @dwaxe and @eric
    I use MS Office a lot for work and home. It is mandatory for certain things that I do. At work it’s paid for and at home well…..
    Seriously though, you can get it relatively cheap if you look around.
    I have Portable Open Office on my USB Drive and it is certainly a very viable alternative to Office (especially when combined with Google Docs or Zoho).
    Sometimes I get too focused on my own unique needs and not everyone at large. Thanks.

  12. Christopher Masiello

    Yes, I have a machine with Ubuntu on it. It’s an old laptop that I set up for my wife to use on the couch while watching TV. It’s very good. Again, if I did not have a very special set of needs/circumstances I would use it even more. I work in a Windows only company that provides me with a lot of high-end, specialized software. When you use Photoshop, Office 2007, and Camtasia Studio at work, it’s hard to come home and work on Gimp, and Open Office.
    Most people with less specific or demanding needs could be very well served using those alternatives.
    I’m with you for the most part.

  13. sudoSamurai

    TEAL had a great point. Try Avast for anti-virus. It requires registration, but is still free, and in my experience is a lot more comprehensive than AVG. I use it at work in place of the company provided Symantec garbage and it has caught several little bugs that Symantec didn’t on other machines. AVG is fairly primitive next to Avast. Avast was also lighter on system resources than AVG last time I compared the two (several months ago.)

    For file transfer, I use WinSCP (http://winscp.net/eng/index.php). Since the developer added FTP support it really is a one stop shop for any kind of file transfer connection, including SCP and SFTP.

    You should also take a look at Handbrake for DVD ripping (http://handbrake.fr/). Awesome app.

  14. TurboFool

    Overall pretty good list (I think I have nearly every app on it), but seriously? The Apple bloatware known as iTunes makes your list? I have to beg my clients to pull that trash from their systems. It installs, what, four different services, comes in an 80MB download, takes up way too much RAM, isn’t particularly intuitive, incredibly bland-looking, and just doesn’t seem like it belongs on Windows. It is the PRIMARY reason I will not buy an iPod.

    Again, nearly everything else on your list is great and already installed on my system (although currently AVG’s at the bottom of the list of free antivirus, so I’ve got Avira), but I can’t condone the installation of iTunes on anyone’s system, or any of Apple’s software for that matter.

  15. Harsha

    You can use Songbird as an alternative if you don’t like iTunes. That’s what I use and it works like a dream.

    Also, this list is pathetic. This list adds nothing to the existing billion of ‘freeware lists’.And on top of that, it’s poorly written.
    Please don’t stumble such articles.

  16. Chris

    *sigh*…why do Linux advocates always leave out the slightly-important issue of compatibility with…ANYTHING using Linux? There are lots of heartaches that come with it. You DO get what you pay for.

  17. eiliky

    Hi Christopher & all!

    1st of all, this is a great list, it`s hard to argue about the majority of those apps, but i have to agree that iTunes is not the best choice. I`ve used it and have tried Songbird, Foobar, WMP but i always come back to Winamp.
    Also, i humbly suggest giving a shot to KMPlayer, in my opinion is THE video player. As with the various audio players, i`ve tested a lot of video players, including MP Classic, VLC, WMP. All in all, VLC is great but i tends to crash on windows. But after 2 years of continuous use of KMPlayer, 0 downloaded codecs & 0 unplayable movies, i must say that i`m impressed. KMPlayer is both user friendly and highly customizable, light and robust.


  18. zero

    You had to ruin your list by having AVG listed. Let alone any FREE ANTI-VIRUS program is a bad choice. If you are going to use one that is actually open source you should have listed Clamwin (ClamAV). For complete protection you will be forced to purchase some sort of Anti-virus/spyware/malware program, the free stuff comes with no guarantees.

    Not to mention that AVG is malware by itself. Once installed it will embed itself into your registry and won’t come out unless you force delete its files (even with Uninstallation). Not only that but it sends information about your computer to its dedicated servers without the knowledge of the End-User. Shady to the least?

  19. Jay

    I like WinSCP over filezilla. It can do FTP, but also supports the secure OpenSSH methods of transfer. The interface is comperable after some initial re-learning.

    I like uTorrent, but I prefer Frostwire. It is heavier weight, but I am okay with that. Normally I am a minimalist, but in this case I actually like the heavyweight. Go figure.

    I think you need to add Handbrake to the list. It lets you create H.264 video files from a DVD. The files can be streamed over your home network to the PS3, or loaded onto an iPod/iPhone

  20. StopPushingLinux


    First of all, most people use Windows (over 90%; http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp), a lot of Windows programs are commercial, so it makes perfect sense to compile a nice list of free alternatives. In case of Linux, most applications are free anyway, so making a list of “free alternatives” is kind of useless. Completely switching operating systems is not something that most people are into. But regardless of this, I will answer your question – “There really isn’t a reason not to try it…” – anyway:

    Yes there is. Linux is not ready for mainstream usage (no, Ubuntu isn’t ready either). As long as Joe Sixpack has to resort to the command line to install a driver, compile his own stuff, has to fix dependencies etc., Linux will never get a lot of following in the mainstream community. It’s simply too hard for most people (please keep in mind that this is coming from someone with a PhD in Computer Science; the main fact that “we” might be inclined to use Linux does not mean that it’s a viable alternative for most users). So give it a rest already.

  21. mulad

    @Jay: FileZilla has been able to do SFTP (FTP-like protocol over SSH) for years. It’s why I use it.

    Anyway, I wanted to make a note about Notepad++. It looked nice at first glance to me, but I ended up hitting a very annoying glitch when I attempted to open a file via a shortcut link — it opened the shortcut itself, rather than the file it was pointing to.

    Since I tend to use vim when I’m on Unix boxes, I just decided to drop Notepad++ and go with gVim instead. Since the whole normal mode/insert mode/etc. stuff can be confusing, it’s not for everybody, but if you work with vi or vim a lot anyway, it’s nice to have a consistent editor.

    And of course Emacs exists for Windows too.

  22. dingobully

    Great list. Open Office definitely deserves to be here. MS Office never seemed so unnecessary since Open Office. VLC absolutely rocks. It will play almost anything, even a DVD on a drive that doesn’t have the firmware installed! Still waiting for Realplayer file support though on VLC.

  23. 1337soldier

    I have to second the vote for COMODO Internet Security. The AV is great, but I was particularly impressed with the firewall. It shows both incoming and outgoing traffic on your computer, which is great if you’re wondering if you have spyware on your PC. It also is VERY secure, far better than Windows Firewall that so many people foolishly rely on. Windows Firewall is about like transporting water in a bucket full of holes. Absolutely pointless, but better than nothing I guess.

    I also wanted to mention Hamachi, which is a free VPN software I personally use for my FTP server to make it secure. It can be downloaded and used freely from logmein.com .

    Another great free remote desktop software would be Teamviewer. I’ve used it both to watch others and to also offer remote assistance. It’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any configuring right out of the box.

  24. DirtyPiGGuin

    I like Foobar 2000 WAY better than iTunes… and Winamp for that matter. It’s not pretty at all but it handles thousands of files with no problem (iTunes would eventually just freeze up as soon as I started it)and it doesn’t take up as much ram as either. And it plays any kind of music file.

  25. Glenn

    Enough with the fanboys.
    Avg is alright and actually it is good and better then some of the p2p ones and has a pay version that includes extra features. The kicker for me is the fact of how far into your system it will embed itself like a parasite latching onto its victim. As odd as it sounds it has a hardware problem for some reason it can cause bsods with a few gigabyte motherboards like the GA-EP45-UD3P(I hear it can crash any motherboard with a P45 chipset)
    Itunes is the worst memory eating program on windows it is the only video player I have seen breech 500 mbs when running. When WMP may hit as high as 50mbs if it has been running all day long VLC in my experience uses the least and works the best. I do have access to Macs and Itunes windows version has a ton of bloatware that is just not there on the Mac (look for the Itunes free version of quick player if you really want to play it in quicktime aka Itunes).
    I will go look at Open Office again but last time I checked (a year and a half ago) it had a fugly interface and not nearly as many options as Microsoft Office.
    Don’t hate Microsoft because it is popular to do so that just makes you look like a douche.

  26. Eduardo Mucelli

    “If you’re looking for something almost as good (as Digsby), try Pidgin IM”. Are you using any kind of drugs ?

    Pidgin FTW!

  27. Rene Magritte

    “Don’t destroy your computer with that garbage that Norton and McAfee are peddling. Those two applications will screw up you computer worse than any virus.”

    Pretty sure there are viruses out there that will destroy your data, system files, even cause your hard drive to fail sooner. This is a gross exaggeration/libel.

  28. Brian

    Hmm. OpenOffice is worthy of mentioning, don’t you think?
    I myself prefer Avast over AVG on Windows computers.

    Love CCleaner though. You should put Defraggler up there as well, from the same people. :)

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  30. Sangram

    New list from mee>>>

    capture all text written to screen : Textractor

    boot windows faster : StartRight

    automatically adjust cpu loads : Process Tamer

    audit all hardware and software installed : Belarc Advisor

    easily enter unicode characters : AllChars

    add tabs to Internet Explorer browser : Maxthon Internet Browser

    blog from the desktop : w.bloggar

    create a single page html of all intenet explorer favorites : FavoritesView

    create/edit html files / website : Nvu
    create/edit xml files : XMLSpy Home Edition

    manage passwords : PassPack

    zoom onto the Earth from space : World Wind by NASA

    see 3d space simulation : Celestia

    convert units of measures : Quad-Lock Unit Converte

    create a flash-based animated how-to/tutorial : Wink

    create icons : Icon Sushi

    draw charts/graphs in 2D/3D from data : Gnuplot

    draw diagrams : Dia

    create thumbnails of images : Easy Thumbnails by Fookes

    paint creatively : ArtRage

    stitch together multiple photographs : Autostitch

    add a comment field for file/folders : HobComment XP Shell Extension

    create a self-extracting (.exe) compressed files archive for a list of files : Funduc Software ZIP


    rename multiple files : Oscar’s File Renamer

    securely delete a file so it can never be recovered : SDelete from SysInternals

    split a large file into smaller parts : HJ-Split

    automatically take screenshots at regular intervals : TimeSnapper

    change desktop wallpaper automatically : Background Boss

    display earth-from-space photographs screen-saver : EarthView

    synch computer clock to exact time : TimeSync

    chat with different messenger clients : Trillian by Cerulean Studios

    chat with different messenger clients : Qnext

    video conference with others : SightSpeed

    capture the screen : Screenshot Captor

    convert a document into pdf : PrimoPDF
    create pdf file : Pdf995
    create pdf file : PDFCreator
    create pdf file : PDF reDirect

    cut mp3 files into small parts : mp3DirectCut

    edit mp3 tags : Mp3tag

    protect the computer against trojans : ewido

    use GMail to store some files : GMail Drive

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  32. Rihards

    While I agree to certain degree that Digsby is really great it still misses one vital part, and that’s group chats. And so far the only thing they are really saying about that is that it will be added in the near future, whenever that is.

    So if you do group chats from time to time like I do, then Digsby isn’t really for you. Stick with Pidgin or Trillian or Adium (if you’re on a mac).

  33. domein registreren

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  35. Saul

    What have I been missing all this time! From today I will bookmark vitaminc site, articles are helping me to be techy in a simple way.

    I have this problem with my chrome, a game site pop-up every 15 to 30 minutes even though i din’t click on them, i have scanned my PC using malwarebytes, avg and spybot and it says its clean except for spybot, it says it cannot remove the iwingames threat because I don’t have administrator right but I am on admin mode already. What software/AV will I have to try? Thanks.

  36. virginia mccoy

    I truly seem to go along with almost everything that has been composed inside “22 Most Useful Free
    Applications for your PC”. Many thanks for all of the actual facts.

  37. Milton

    Exactly where would you get everything that details about applications for pc ?

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