New Features O’ Plenty – Early Christmas for the Readers

Several New and Improved Features Added to Improve VitaminCM

I was starting to get a little frustrated with some of the site’s layout and features recently, so I decided to do a major overhaul. Over the last week or so, I tested out and deployed sever updates that should make your reading experience a little more enjoyable.

New Site Layout Template

I was getting tired of the old layout and some of the bugs that I was experiencing, so I went with this new one. I hope that it works well for you guys. I think that it is a little heavy on the ads, so I’m thinking of scaling them back soon.

New Site Navigation and Pages

I added a few new pages and relocated some of the clutter out of the sidebars. The Categories and Archives are now in drop down lists. There is also a page that list all of the categories. The Blogroll has been completely removed from the sidebar and now has its own page (Recommended Sites). I also made the About and Contact pages a little more prominent. Seriously, do contact me, I love to talk. New Site Navigation and Pages

Google Site Search for Your Favorite VitaminCM Content

I got fed up with the old Search utility that I was using so I’m going with this Google plug in. The Search bar is in the upper right corner of the page. It seems to work pretty well. Search Engine

Article Ratings System

So you want to give feedback on articles, but you don’t feel like commenting on every article, well just use the new Ratings System. You can use a 5 Star rating system just like the one on Netflix to rate each article. Your results, plus the average ratings will be displayed instantly. New Ratings System

Text to Audio for Visually Impaired

Now, visually impaired visitors can have every article read aloud by clicking the “Listen Now” button at the top of each article. I think that if you are blind and use a screen reader, it will automatically pick this up and start playing back the audio. Hey, just because you’re blind, doesn’t mean that you should not be able to take in my inane babbling. Text to Speach Feature

Open ID (Coming Soon)

I’m testing a few plug ins that will allow you to log in and comment using your Open ID information. I know, I know, nobody wants to remember another ID and Password (including me). Be patient, as soon as I can get it to work, I’ll roll it out.

Well, What Do YOU Think?

I made all of these changes to try to provide a better experience for you guys. If any of them are not that helpful, or if there are some other features that could be added, let me know.

Use the Comments form or Contact Me with any suggestions, requests, or feedback and I’ll get right on it.

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