Post Secret Short Movie

Got a Secret to Tell?

Post Secret is a project where a guy asked people to write their “secrets” on a post card and mail them to a PO Box. The secrets were to be compiled into a book. Well as the thousands of secrets poured in, the founder discovered that the post cards not only had fascinating secrets, but they often had “soulful artwork” that brought the secrets to life.

The first book “Post Secret” was a brutally riveting glimpse into the secrets that ordinary people carried (and unleashed) around with them. My wife and I have our copy under our coffee table and everyone that comes over can never put it down. I challenge you to read it and not see little pieces of themselves sprinkled all over the pages.

Every Sunday, you can go to the blog and read a bunch of new secrets. The founder has put out a few follow-up books that are equally wonderful and now is putting out a mini movie about his experiences as the keeper of these secrets. You can see a small clip below. (Yes it looks as good as the books have proved.)

If you have a secret that is dying to get out, send it to:

Post Secret

13345 Cooper Ridge Road
Germantown, MD 20874

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