RedBox – Another Pretender to the Netflix Throne

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Dont bet against netflix

Big news leaked out this week from all of the usual tech luminaries. (TechCrunch, CNET, SlashGear, ReadWriteWeb) See the news here.

RedBox is Planning a Video Streaming Service to Compete with Netflix.


Is this it for Netflix? Is this the threat that will finally topple their video empire? Have the finally met their match?

Probably not.

I have been a Netflix customer and evangelist for over six years now. Forgive me if i don’t get all excited when I hear about yet another entrant into the “We’ll just take all of Netflix’s customers” game. It all seems so easy; just throw up a store, run a few commercials, and start counting all of their (Netflix) money. Not so fast.

You probably don’t need some boring history lesson here, but since I actually do have a degree in history – why not?

Just A Little Bit of History Repeating

Where have I heard this whole story before?

Netflix would never be able to stand up to move rental giant BlockBuster, right? (They’re Chapter 11 now. Their DVD-by-mail service lost so much money that they just gave it away to Walmart.)


Wow, that must have been a tough adversary. Netflix could never withstand the might retail giant Walmart, right? Remember when they were going to just steamroll poor, little Netflix? They had their own DVD-by-mail service to go along with the wreckage that they got from Blockbuster. Kaput!


Oh crap, here come the content owners (Fox, NBC, and ABC) with their own “NetFlix Killer” in Hulu.

Comcast NbcFox logo

Abc logoHulu

Now there’s just no way that Netflix could never withstand the undisputed king of ECommerce – Amazon. Surely they can figure out how to just steal away all of Netflix’s customers and money right? Yeah, exactly.


So I guess that this vending machine company is the “Real Netflix Killer” that’s going to jump in there and show those clowns how it’s done.

Since late 2008 Netflix’s stock (NFLX) is up over 1,200%.

Let me spell that out for your. ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED PER CENT!

Take a look at that Stock chart at the top of the page and see how the rest of the companies mentioned here have fared over that period.

Pardon me while I call that Etrade baby and ask him how to place a Buy Order for some Netflix stock.

What Do You Think?

Does RedBox stand a chance against Netflix? Will they finally be the one to knock them off their video high horse? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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