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Why Apple Came up with a Less Creepy Way of Tracking App Use?

Apple is making changes to the use of app tracking on the iPhone and iPad. Could it be ready to relax the reins a little?

Making a Macbook Pro that Kills Apple’s for $790 Less – Part 2 Installing the Upgraded Components

See how to replace the memory / ram and upgrade the hard drive to an sad drive on your macbook pro and save a ton of money.

Get Your New Computer From Box to Awesome in a Flash

This article links to several resources that will help your new computer go from the box to maximum usefulness as fast as possible.

What I would Like to See in Tech for 2010 (That Probably Won't Happen)

This is my 2010 technology wish list. These are the things that I would love to see happen or be invented in 2010. Some are reasonable and others are just plain crazy. Enjoy!

26 Best Free Mac Applications

Who Says Macs have to Cost More?


I have been a heavy Windows user for the last decade or so (HP UNIX before that). I bought a 15 inch Macbook Pro to use