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Find the Best Christmas Gadget in Any Price Range

Great Electronics and Gadget Gifts Come in All Shapes and Prices

Overview: This list will help you find the right gifts for the technology buff in your life based on price range.

christmas gadgets in any price range

Who Says You Can’t Find Cool Gadget Gifts in Your Price Range?

Let’s face it, we’re all on some sort of budget. That still doesn’t mean that you can’t find great gifts. This list groups my favorite electronics and gadgets into the following price ranges:

  • Under $50 (Good Things in Small Cheap Packages)
  • Under $100 (Best Bang for the Buck)
  • $100 – $300 (Breaking the Bank)
  • Over $300 (The VIP Room)

Under $50 (Good Things in Small Cheap Packages)

Who says you can’t buy cool gadgets on a small budget? Here are a few awesome additions to any techie’s bag of tricks that will fit into any gift giving budget.

Pink Tranquility Laptop Bag Just because they’re carrying computers doesn’t mean that women want their laptop bag to look ugly. Pick up a stylish, feminine laptop bag for the lady geek.

Price: $25

Targus Netbook Case Wrap up that new netbook in style. Let a fancy new bag add some sheik to that geek.

Price: $25

CORSAIR Flash Voyager 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive ImageCarry all of your files around with you. Portable Flash Drives serve 101 different uses.

Price: $25

CORSAIR Flash Voyager 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Image

Remote Control Helicopter All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A remote control helicopter will help relieve the stress of crunching all those boring old numbers

Price: $25

Kingston 8GB USB Flash Drive Carry all of your files around with you. Portable Flash Drives serve 101 different uses.

Price: $45

Griffin PowerMate/USB Multimedia Controller This USB device allows you to control aspects of just about any program by turning the know or pressing down on it. Aside from providing a unique user control capability, it just looks amazing on any desk.

Price: $45

CALL OF DUTY 4:MODERN WARFARE Sometime you just want to blow something up. Call of Duty will let you get your frustrations out in a safe and fun way.

Price: $45

Leatherman 830146 Core Pocket Multi-Tool The ultimate do-everything tool for any geek. A Leatherman tool will allow you to fix, build, or disassemble anything.

Price: $49

Under $100 (Best Bang for the Buck)

The $50 – $100 price range offers a lot of great gifts. Here are some cool tools to add on to any respectable gadget collection.

STM Bags Small Loft Laptop Bag (Chocolate/Orange) Just because we’re men doesn’t mean that we want to carry our computers around in ugly bags. Why not spruce the place up with a cool, stylish laptop bag.

Price: $55

Eye-Fi Share 2 GB Wi-Fi SD Memory Card This two-in-one miracle goes in your camera and stores all of the photos that you take. After that, it can wirelessly send them back to your computer or up to the web using wi-fi.

Price: $69

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro Any computer can be improved by adding a solid keyboard and mouse. After all these are the two things that you touch all day long.

Price: $79

Memory Upgrade If you know someone with a computer, you know someone who wishes it were faster. Help them speed up their machine with a memory upgrade.

Price: $

Memory Upgrade

Digital Photo Frame After taking thousands and thousands of pictures, why not show them off? A digital photo frame allows the photographer in your life to proudly display a collection of their favorite images.

Price: $50 – $100

Roku HD Player Media Streamer The Netflix Media Streamer hooks up to the TV and allows you to click and watch streaming Netflix movies instantly. No more waiting around for your new disks to arrive.

Price: $100

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Hook the WD TV to your television and plug in a USB drive with music, photos and videos and you have a great home theater. The WD TV allows you to stream your media right onto that huge, beautiful TV and get out of the computer room.

Price: $99

Rock Band Game Let’s face it, all geeks and nerds want to be rock stars. Well this will let them, if only for a few hours. Jam out with groups of friends and family members.

Price: $99

$100 – $300 (Breaking the Bank)

If you have a little extra room in the budget (really?), you can hit a home run this Christmas. Put one of these gems under the tree and you’ll see some eyes light up.

Powermat Wireless Charging Device All of those gadgets in our life make quite a mess with their chargers. Well why not ditch them all? The Powermat Wireless Charger allows you to just drop your devices onto a pad and have them charge without hooking up any wires.

Price: $125

Apple iPod nano with Video Camera This super tiny iPod now has a really good video camera built into it. So now, not only can you take your music, pictures, and movies with you, you can capture new movies too.

Price: $135

Nintendo Wii Console Nintendo Wii is great for family members from 2 to 102. No other system will provide more hours of fun for everyone.

Price: $150

Roku SoundBridge Music Streaming System The Roku Sound Bridge will allow that special someone to stream the music from their computer, pandora, or internet radio stations wirelessly to the bathroom, basement, garage or back yard.

Price: $165

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder The best way to capture videos is to have a camera with you. With the size of the Flip UltraHD Camcorder, you can carry it with you at all times. The video quality is very good and the user experience is so simple you won’t believe it.

Price: $175

Canon Powershot SD780 Do you know someone who needs an incredibly good and incredibly small point and shoot camera? Well look no further than the Canon Powershot SD780. This thing is like a chubby credit card that shoots great pictures and sharp video.

Price: $199

Xbox 360 Console Microsoft Xbox 360 provides hours of gaming and entertainment options.

Price: $199

Apple TV with 160GB Hard Drive This is probably the most simple way to get all of your music, photos, and movies onto your TV. If it’s in your iTunes Library, then you can have it on your TV in a snap.

Price: $229

Kindle EBook Reader Know someone who loves to read? Are they a commuter? Well the Amazon Kindle is the perfect gift. They can carry tons of books, magazines, and newspapers in their pocket.

Price: $250

Slingbox TV Streamer If your geek is on the road a lot, why not let them watch their favorite TV show and Sports teams from anywhere. The Slingbox will stream their home TV and DVR to them over the internet or 3G phone.

Price: $275

Logitech diNovo Keyboard and Mouse Combo Want to add killer form and function to your desk, get a high-end keyboard and mouse setup. Your fingers and eyes will thank you.

Price: $299

Super Portable Pico Projector Want to share your pictures and movies on the go? Then you need a Pico projector. These cell phone sized projectors can display images and videos from your computer, camera, iPod or other device anywhere.

Price: $299

PlayStation 3 Console Video games, streaming media, BlueRay DVD movies, what more could you want from a home entertainment console?

Price: $299

Over $300 (The VIP Room)

Who says money can’t buy love? If you spring for one of these gifts, you sure can test the theory out. Hopefully my wife will give it a shot ;)

Super Portable Netbook Computer Have a student or globetrotter in your life? Why not get them a tiny, but powerful computer that can go anywhere and do anything that they need?

Price: $300 – $400

Canon PowerShot G11 Maybe your nerd has outgrown their tiny point and shoot camera, but still wants something that they can take with them. The Canon G11 has most of the quality and features of a DSLR at a fraction of the size. It allows fully manual control and has a mount for a good flash attachment.

Price: $449

Canon Digital Rebel DSLR Do you have a serious photo buff on your gift list? Well they’re probably ready to move up to a Digital SLR. The Canon Rebel is the most affordable way to get into a DSLR. Great quality and usability all in one.

Price: $575

Canon VIXIA HG21 Camcorder If your Martin Scorsese needs a little more quality and control than a Flip camcorder, than you might want to look at one of the mid-range Canon camcorders. They have powerful zoom lenses and great quality without breaking the bank.

Price: $699

Other Resources for Saving Big on the Perfect Christmas Gift

Don’t See something you like here? Well here are some places that you can find really great deals on electronics and gadgets.

Save a Fortune at Amazon.com

Amazon has an product line that goes on forever. There is always something on super-terrific clearance sale. You can find giant discounts on products at Amazon.com. The links below list products that are at least 75% OFF in their respective categories.

amazon-75-off 75% Off Books

75% Off Cameras and Accessories

75% Off Computers and Accessories

75% Off Video Games

75% Off Electronics and Gadgets

Find the Best Selection of Computer Gear at NewEgg.com

My absolute favorite place to find the best prices on computer and electronics is Newegg.com. They have tons of great deals every day.

Once You Know, You Newegg

Get Great Deals on Macs and their Accessories

MacMall and ClubMac have a lot of deals on Macs, iPods, and other gear.

Apple Sale ClubMac - The Online Mac SuperStore

Get the Absolute Best Prices on Cables and Accessories

MonoPrice.com has the best prices on cables for everything. Seriously, I got a good HDMI cable and a mini-display port to DVI cable for $15 with tax and shipping included. NEVER buy your cables from Bestbuy!

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