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The Shifting Sands of the Browser Wars

who's winning the browser wars

Winners Losers and Dodo Birds

I constantly track the browsers used by the visitors of this site and compare and contrast them with the "at large" statistics.

Bookmarklets – Add Magical Powers to Your Browser

Learn how to use bookmarklets to get every drop of power out of your favorite browser.

Boost Google Reader's Productivity

Increase Google Reader’s Productivity Using Greasemonkey Scripts   I use Google Reader to read through 200+ feeds that contain mountains of information. Google Reader does a great job helping me manage this tall task. If you do a little tweaking, you can turn Google Reader into an amazing productivity tool. Firefox allows you to add

Google Chrome Just Might Catch On

Could I Possibly be Wrong?

google-chrome I’ve been reading all of the news about Google Chrome, the blogosphere’s newest darling. I Read More

Mozilla is Reinventing the Web – Again

Get the Information that you Need When and Where You Need It

Mozilla Labs Ubiquity Logo I read a great video on Mashable on a new project from Mozilla