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Ultimate Google Android Phone Tutorial

OVERVIEW: You will learn how to do several basic and advanced tasks with a mobile phone running Google's Android Operating System.

What are your Thoughts on Google Plus After Three Weeks?

I have been using Google Plus for a few weeks and I'm trying to see what everyone else's opinion is.

Contest – Google Voice Invite Giveaway

One Number to Rule them All

Google Voice Invite Giveaway Contest

Unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, you must have heard about Google Voice. Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) is a cool new phone service that gives you the power

Google Chrome Operating System = Craptacular!

The Google Chrome Operating system is not very good and will not be likely to succeed.

Is Microsoft Office in Danger of Being Dethroned?

Can Open Office or Online Office Suites Dethrone Microsoft Office? I keep reading all of these articles about the imminent demise of Microsoft’s biggest cash cow; Office. “Will Google Apps Dethrone Office”, “Is Open Office About to Unseat Microsoft”, “Will the Open Document Format Spell the End for Office”. In a word, NO! Q: Is