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iPhone Application Review – RunKeeper

Use the GPS in your iPhone to Track Your Workouts

RunKeeper iPhone Application

Do you run, walk, bike, or ski? Then you’ve probably asked, “How far did I go today?” Well if you use RunKeeper on your iPhone, then you can track your distance, speed, time and more. This is all done using the GPS built into the phone right on the fly. What’s even better is that you can save all of your workouts online. You can go to the RunKeeper site using your free account and view mounds of data on all of your runs.

You will track the following performance statistics:

  • See how far you run, walk, and ride.
  • Track your speed, pace, and elevation.
  • Record and map your routes using GPS.
  • Share your fitness activities and progress with your friends!

The video below shows the entire process from the iPone and the web application.

Download the iPhone Application Review – RunKeeper podcast video.

RunKeeper also has a very nice tutorial on the site.

Which iPhone Applications do You Use?

If you have an iPhone application that you use in your exercise routine, please leave it in the comments below. Maybe I’ll cover it in a future article.

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