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How to Survive a Zombie Attack this Halloween

This Tutorial May Save Your Life

Based on the ridiculous decorations on my street, it must be Halloween season. Halloween means just one thing: ZOMBIES. This might be the year that massive zombie attack finally happens in your town. Facing the horrifying prospect of having my brains eaten by a marauding band of the undead, I decided to prepare.


Zombies! Is from Flickr user “Dr Doom” check out some of his great work. (Creative Commons License.)

I went out to the internets and researched the subject. My research seemed to point to a few basic steps to improve survival chances.

Keep it Simple

  1. Identify the Zombie – Spot them and keep your distance.
  2. Take Shelter – Find somewhere to lay low, while you make a plan.
  3. Obtain Weapons – Get your hands on some weapons. Guns are best, followed by machetes, axes, or clubs.
  4. Kill Zombies – There is only one way to kill a zombie; kill their brain. Shoot, chop, or bash their head until the brain can no longer control their decaying bodies.

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