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iPod Touch One Year Later

Has Apple Done Enough to Overcome My Doubts?

The iPod Touch has been out for just about a year now (September 5th, 2007). When it came out last year, I wrote an article (Who Else Wanted More from the iPod Touch?). I thought that it was a very promising device, with several flaws that prevented me from pulling the trigger.


Well, there has been a full hardware upgrade released and several firmware releases since then. So how has Apple done to address my laundry list of wishes?

Wish List Actual Result
Realistic Storage Slight Upgrade (Not even Close to enough) notification_error
GPS Yes notification_done
Bluetooth It’s there, BUT Apple has purposely made it unusable. notification_error
Third Party Applications and Games Free and Paid through iTunes Store notification_warning
Skype Available with Fring Application notification_done

What’s Still Missing?

They’ve done a mediocre job of addressing some my big concerns, but what issues still need addressing?

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