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How to Write a Simple Sincere Thank You Note

how to write thank you note

I work on lots of projects in a very large group. I am always collaborating with several people in order to get things done. One

Generating Blogging Ideas and Staying Motivated

Letting your Creative Juices Flow

I was recently asked by a reader, "How I stay motivated and come up with article ideas?". Actually, that is my biggest challenge. I have to push myself pretty hard. I have a career and a family,

16 Best Places to Learn How to Do Things

My Favorite Places for Tutorials and Instruction's goal is to help people get more from their technology. I want to help and inspire people to do more fun and useful things with computers, the internet, and gadgets. This help is provided via detailed written and

Tutorial Roundup – My Most Useful How To Articles

The Best of VitaminCM

Here are some of my favorite, most useful tutorials that have appeared on

Reusing an Old PC as a Server Part 1


Create PowerPoint Presentations Like a Pro

Basic Workflow for Quickly Creating PowerPoint Slide Presentations

Creating an effective PowerPoint presentation tends to be difficult and take a long time for many people. However, if you follow a basic workflow, you can make the entire process much quicker and easier that you may think.