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Fix the Missing Tags in your iTunes Library

Use TidySongs to Clean Up your iTunes LibraryOVERVIEW: Learn how to use TidySongs to clean up the tags and album art in your iTunes library. .Cleaning Up a MessDo you have thousands of songs in your iTunes library? Did you get them from (cough) various different places? Welcome to the club. As your collection of

Getting the Most Out of Your Applications: Part 4 iTunes

Make iTunes into the Workhorse that it Should Be Goal: Provide a list of plug-ins and third party apps that will allow you to use the crap out of iTunes. iTunes does a lot of good stuff right out of the box. With a little help, you can make it do even more. You can make iTunes

Getting the Most Out of Your Software with Third Party Add Ons

Six Part Series on Extending Your Favorite Software with Add Ons

add-ons-2GOAL: Provide a list of add ons to help you turbo charge some of your most commonly used applications.Even though many of the applications on my computer are great, I always feel like there are just a

Fix the Missing Tags in your MP3 Files

Automagically Find, and Correct the Tags Missing from your MP3 Collection

Goal: Show you how to easily fix the missing tags in your MP3 collection using free software.

Some of the songs in your iTunes library may have incomplete tags. Here's how we fix this problem.

Use Smart Playlists to be an iTunes Genius

Make Smart Playlists Continuously Give You Interesting Music Selections Do you ever get sick of listening to the same old albums or playlists on your iPod? I know I do. Well, you can use the Smart Playlist feature in iTunes to constantly generate a dynamic mix-tape of fresh music selection. Smart Playlists are like little