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See How to Upgrade Your Career in a Recession Using Technology

Use Software, the Web, and Social Networking to Ace your Job Search

use software to find a job

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last month or so, you’re probably worried about your job. Blue chip companies are falling into the deadpool or getting taken over on a daily basis.

You either just got laid off or you’re worried that you could be. If that’s not the problem, then you probably just need more money (welcome to the club). with the job market so tight, how do you compete?.

Let Technology be your not-so secret weapon to find all of the best jobs even in a tough market.

You can use software, social networking, and dead-simple techniques to make the whole process painless and successful.

It all starts with your Resume. You already have one (don’t you?), but take a little time to make sure it’s a good one. Go to Google and type in "Create a Great Resume" or something like that. Follow the instructions to make your resume a great one.

Save your Word Resume with the following title: "First name-Last name-Resume.doc". Now, when you email the resume to people, they always know what the file is, it’s YOUR RESUME!

When you go online to start this process, you’ll need to paste the text of your resume into a bunch of sites, forms, emails, etc. This is a huge hassle and can either slow you down or force you to give up. If you don’t make it easy on yourself, that is. You’re going to have a copy of your resume in a plain text file to breeze through this part.

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Conquer the Recession (Three Part Series)

Live Large in a Small Economy

Are you sick of this floundering economy? Is your 401k looking more like a 201K? Well, I for one have had enough of this crap. I’ve decided to do something about it.


original illustration – graphite pencil – derwent graphic – August 2007


I’m unleashing my own bailout package. A 3 part series aimed at surviving conquering this recession. The series will focus on a few areas:

  1. Get More Money – If your job is shaky or just plain gone, I’m going to show you how to use technology to quickly and easily find a better one.
  2. Get Stuff for Less Money – It’s not just making more, you need to spend less. I’ll show you how to find incredible bargains on things that you need every day.
  3. Get Great Freebies – What’s better than getting things for less? FREE of course. I’m going to show you where you can score some valuable free stuff.


Stay tuned for the first article: See How to Upgrade Your Career in a Recession Using Technology.

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