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New Features O’ Plenty – Early Christmas for the Readers

Several New and Improved Features Added to Improve VitaminCM

I was starting to get a little frustrated with some of the site’s layout and features recently, so I decided to do a major overhaul. Over the last week or so, I tested out and deployed sever updates that should make your reading experience a little more enjoyable.

New Site Layout Template

I was getting tired of the old layout and some of the bugs that I was experiencing, so I went with this new one. I hope that it works well for you guys. I think that it is a little heavy on the ads, so I’m thinking of scaling them back soon.

New Site Navigation and Pages

I added a few new pages and relocated some of the clutter out of the sidebars. The Categories and Archives are now in drop down lists. There is also a page that list all of the categories. The Blogroll has been completely removed from the sidebar and now has its own page (Recommended Sites). I also made the About and Contact pages a little more prominent. Seriously, do contact me, I love to talk.

VitaminCM.com New Site Navigation and Pages

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