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See How Easily You Can Embed a Map on Your Site

Embedding Beautiful Maps on your Site or Blog Pages

Did you ever want to place one of those cool maps on your site or blog? Say for example if you have an event going on, or want to give directions to your house, or want to show where something happened that you are describing. Well, there are several really easy ways that you can use to give your pages that polished look. They use many of the popular internet mapping services along with varying degrees of know-how to get the maps from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft straight into your pages.

I’ll take a look at a few.

Google Maps

Let’s start at the top; the king of the heap, Google Maps. You know ’em, you love ’em. Speed, beauty, detail, elegance, it’s all there. Well, the good news is, they provide the best combination of Ease of Use and Functionality of all the contenders when it comes to easily embedding a nice functional map on your site or blog.

Here is an embedded Google map:

View Larger Map

This is quick, simple and nice. Once again, Google does it right.

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