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Tech Geek’s Guide to a Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

How to Take Gadget Gifts and Make them Romantic There is a common stereotype that techie types are not romantic, especially in the gift department. While this is rooted in a lot of truth, it doesn't have to be so.

Follow these simple recommendations and you are Guaranteed to Get You Some High-Tech Lovin'.

7 Best Community Driven Online Music Services

The Best Music Services Part 4

Best Online Music CommunityOne of the things that makes online music services more interesting and useful than your iTunes library is the aspect of

Online Music Services with the Best Suggestion Quality

Give the People What they Want


The best reason to use any of these music services is to have them send you great music. There are many different ways of determining what “you” will like. They all seem to straddle the line between art and science with a touch

The Most Reliable Online Music Services

Who Can You Count On?

Online Music Services ReliabilityOne of the most important features of a streaming music service is reliability. All of the other stuff doesn’t matter much if

Fix the Missing Tags in your MP3 Files

Automagically Find, and Correct the Tags Missing from your MP3 Collection

Goal: Show you how to easily fix the missing tags in your MP3 collection using free software.

Some of the songs in your iTunes library may have incomplete tags. Here's how we fix this problem.