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85 Free Apps that will Save you Thousands of Dollars

Save Tons of Cash with the Best Free Software

OVERVIEW: You can replace the most expensive applications on a typical computer with excellent, free software and internet services and never miss a beat.


Why Pay More?

Equipping your computer with the software that you need to get everything done can be insanely expensive. However, you don’t need to put off your retirement to have a very effective computer that is loaded with everything you need. You don’t need to by the most expensive apps to take care of occasional things. I compiled a list of ways to replace the most expensive software that typically sits on most people’s home or work computers.

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Is Microsoft Office in Danger of Being Dethroned?

Can Open Office or Online Office Suites Dethrone Microsoft Office?

I keep reading all of these articles about the imminent demise of Microsoft’s biggest cash cow; Office. “Will Google Apps Dethrone Office”, “Is Open Office About to Unseat Microsoft”, “Will the Open Document Format Spell the End for Office”.

In a word, NO!

Q: Is there room for other players to get in the game? A: Of course.

Q: Can a few of them make a profit, or even grab a sliver of market share? A: Definitely

Q: Is Microsoft In trouble? A: Not even a little bit.

A Solution to a Problem That is Barely There

Of course Microsoft Office is prohibitively expensive (about $400 USD for the Standard version with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). But seriously, the place where most people use Office is either at work or school. At work, it’s a given. Even if you own the business, can you think of a better use for a few hundred dollars?

When they relinquish their crown as the king of the software industry, drive your flying car over to my place and I’ll buy you a beer. If they’re still legal by then.

Where is your business without Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Email? Plus, you can get it much cheaper if you buy it with your PCs. At school, you can get it with a significant student discount (recently dropped to below $75, that’s like two bags of weed and a case of Milwaukee Beast). Besides, we know that college kids don’t pay for software any way, that’s what open wi-fi and Bit Torrent are for.

Sure, people who buy a computer for their house need Office too. So they’ll have to pay up. But most of them have either a kid, teacher, evil hacker, or rich guy in the house. The ones who don’t have or know any of those types will just have to pony up the money or go for the freebies.

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