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Getting the Most Out of Your Applications Part 6 The Best of the Rest

Boost the Power of the Rest of Your Applications
Goal: Provide a list of third party plug-ins to help you maximize the applications on your computer.
The Best of the Rest – Most applications don’t have as many great add ons as the preceding group, but there are many that have one or two killer accessories. We’ll take a look at some other great add ons that will help you get the most out of your system.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Applications: Part 3 Skype

Take Your Calling to the Next Level by Extending Skype

GOAL: Turn Skype from a cheap phone call alternative into a multi-function communication, collaboration, mobile virtuoso.
Skype is the king of the hill when it comes to Voice over IP applications. Besides making free (or really cheap) phone calls, you can do a lot of other useful things with Skype. I’ll show you how to add in Video Conferencing, Phone Call Recording (for podcasts, not creepy stuff), Remote Control other PCs, and integrate with IM applications. In addition, I’ll show you how to take Skype beyond your PC and move it onto a bunch of other devices like an iPhone, PSP, or Nokia mobile phone.
When you first install Skype, it does a nice job of handling phone calls. You can make PC to PC calls with other Skype users for free. You can also buy minutes to call regular land line and cell phones for a very reasonable rate. You can also pay get an online number that any regular phones can call. This can be used from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.
Skype is a lot like Firefox when it comes to plug-ins. They have a ton of plug-ins available on their site.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Applications: Part 1 Microsoft Outlook

Make Outlook the Information Hub at the Center of your Life

Outlook Syncing with Everything vitamincm.com GOAL: Provide a list of free plug-ins that will extend the power of Outlook far beyond even Microsoft’s wildest dreams.

Microsoft Outlook – The ubiquitous Email/Calendar/Organizer tool. Some love it, some hate it (try Lotus Notes before you complain) but millions use it. For many people, Outlook is the hub for their communication and personal information. We’ll cover several ways to extend Outlook’s organizational powers past the desktop, to the web, your portable devices, and beyond. You’ll see how to make it interact with Gmail, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, IM, SMS, plus your iPod and phone.

Let’s dig into some serious organization and productivity magic.

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