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iPhone 4 Review

Much Better – Still Not Perfect

OVERVIEW: This is a product review of my new iPhone 4. I cover the Hardware,Camera, Operating System, and Applications that show off its best improvements.

iphone 4 product review

Out with the Old, In with the New

I purchased my iPhone 3G about one and a half years ago. For the most part I was very happy with it, but I felt like I wanted to upgrade. The biggest feature of the iPhone 4 that got me to pull the trigger was the new HD Video camera and iMovie software ($5 download). I will be basing most of my opinions on a direct comparison with my old iPhone 3G.


Rating: 4-half-of-5-stars 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pros – Far faster performance due to the new processer. Still and Video camera is excellent. Nice upgrade to the speaker phone performance.

Cons – The Antennagate issue is 100% real. While I was waiting for my free case to arrive (Over 1 week) I dropped numerous calls. This thing is FAR worse than Apple would lead you to believe. The FaceTime “feature” is useless.

A. It only works with other iPhone 4’s.

B. It only works if both parties are connected to wifi.

C. If I am on wifi (work or home), why wouldn’t I just just Skype Video on my computer?

Worth Upgrading? Definitely!!!


Let’s start with the look and feel. It looks gorgeous as expected. The feel is another thing entirely. The new sharp corners on the back edges are terribly uncomfortable. It also feels very “slippery” in the hand. I constantly feel like I’m going to drop it. Bring back the rounded back plate please.

The Speaker Phone sounds a lot better and louder than my iPhone 3G. This is a welcomed improvement.Voice calls also sound better on the handset too. Nice! The earphones/headset is another nice improvement. The inline volume and pause buttons work almost as good as my 3rd generation iPod remote did.

The “Retina” display is as beautiful as they stated. When I watched NetFlix or YouTube videos they look great. If I show the same image or video side by side on my 3G iPhone it looks like an Atari video game.


Still Camera – Wow! What a nice improvement. The image sensor, megapixel boost, plus flash really help you get very nice pictures. I love the pictures that I can get now. When you pair it with a nice image editing app like Photoshop or Camera Bag it’s very impressive.

Video Camera – This is actually the feature that I was most excited for. The ability to create podcast videos on the go was very appealing. So far, I’m not disappointed. The recording interface and video quality is great. I really love the video camera. Well Done Indeed!

I filmed, edited, and uploaded the following movie all using my iPhone.

Operating System

The new iOS4 is not that much of a jump up in my opinion. There are a few nice tweaks, but no big deal. The addition of Folders is a really nice feature. I like having all of my apps right on the first home screen.

Best Apps

iMovie – This is a nice tool to accompany the beautiful HD video camera. You can capture great footage and turn it into a decent movie right on the spot.

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Retro Technology Product Review (From Iraq to the Hamptons)

From Here to There and Back Again

Cool Old School Gagets with an Awesome Story to Tell

I recently spent a week on vacation in The Hamptons, which is a region that occupies the South Fork on the tip of Long Island, New York. We had our friends out for a few fun days that we spent on the beach.

We wanted to hear some music at the beach, so my friend Mike brought along an old set of portable speakers with him. These Koss SA/30 M portable speakers were old, beat up, and sounded great. But that’s not the interesting part of the story.

My friend Mike served in the U.S. Army during the first War in Iraq (you know the one in the early 90s). He was a Communications Specialist who worked with radios in the field. For a while, he was driving around some high ranking officers in a Jeep with no radio. Ever the resourceful guy, he rigged up these speakers and a Walkman so that he (and the officers) could have some music while they were driving around Hell’s Half Acre. He said that he used them for over a year in the Iraqi Desert, and then Alaska, and finally back home for the next close to 20 years.

That’s not a bad run for a relatively inexpensive piece of gadgetry. Let’s see if my fancy new iPod will last that long under far more tame conditions. If a gadget makes that kind of a journey, seeing that type of action, then it’s worthy of my respect.

By the way, it was still mobile in our “old-meets-new” Little Tikes red wagon + iPod portable DJ booth. Good time and better friends.

Here is a picture of myself and my friend Mike sitting at a sidewalk cafe looking unimpressed at the group of young kids skateboarding around town. (When did I get so old?)

[caption id="attachment_2912" align="aligncenter" width="525" caption="Me on the left and Mike on the right."][/caption]

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Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless – Product Review

Another "iPhone Killer" is Not Ready for Prime Time

Motorola Droid Crying

It seems that the biggest kiss of death that could ever hit a mobile phone is "iPhone Killer". My wife is a Verizon die hard and refuses to switch to AT&T to get an iPhone. With the much ballywhooed release of the Motorola Droid, we were both excited for her to actually get an awesome phone for herself. I told her on Saturday morning that I was taking her to the Verizon store to buy her a Motorola Droid. I know, I’m kind of an awesome husband.


Let’s make this short and sweet. When we got to the store, and tried the phone out, we were soooooo disappointed. Everything about it was just such a let down. The device had more jagged poking edges to scar a hand for life. It feels kind of flimsy and cheap in your hands.

Software Interface

The interace and user experience on this phone are horrendous. Everything you try to do is flakey and jumpy. Menus (if you can find them) are unintuitive and confusing. Stuff seems to mysteriously open and close as if controlled by some spastic prankster. Yikes!

The applications were even more confusing. I’m a huge user and fan of most of Google’s applications and thougth that this would really be cool. Well, I was wrong. The calendar is just a confusing affront to the senses. Ugly, confusing, and bad. Adding an appointment or contact was very frustrating. The maps application that I heard so much about was dreadful. You can’t figure out how to do anything in there. I can just see my mom and dad in the car trying to find a restaurant and just screaming at one another. Not good.

Video Review of the Motorola Droid

I took a few minutes to put my thoughts on video to express my disappointment in this product.


If you’re looking for an iPhone killer, keep looking. This thing is a Verizon/Motorolla Killer. The iPhone is supposed to be coming to Verizon in 2010, do yourself a favor and wait until then.

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WordPress 2 – iPhone Application Review

The perfect tool for bloggers on the go

I just downloaded the Wordpress 2 iPhone application. I had the previous version, but I never found it that useful. What a difference an upgrade makes!
The interface is actually very good. You can even write small posts (like this one) entirely on your phone.


You can manage multiple blogs.
You can write, post, and read articles.
You can edit existing posts (title, tags, categories, text, and even images).
You can post photos and screen captures from your phone.


If you need to write quick articles on the go, then this FREE handy iPhone app is definitely for you. Check it out!

Wordpress 2 iPhone app writing interface

Selecting Categories for your Article

Selecting Articles to View or Edit

This article was written entirely on my iPhone using Wordpress 2.

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