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Reusing an Old PC as a Server (Part 2)

Putting Your New Server to Work


Goal: Use the server that you set up in the previous article to perform helpful tasks such as backing up computers on your network, storing media files in a central location, share one printer with every computers computer in the house.

In the previous article you learned you to set up the VNC software to remote control your server from another computer. Now that you have your basic server up and running, here are some of the fun things that we’re going to learn how to do:

  • Share files between computers
  • Run backups of the computers on your network
  • Function as a print server so that all of your computers can share one computer
  • Operate as a dedicated BitTorrent server to download and upload files
  • Configure a Professional Testing Server for Web Development
  • And a few other ideas

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How to Set Up A Testing Server on Your PC

Quick Painless Install and Set Up for FREE


If you have a website or do any type of web development you have probably needed a server at some point. Not everybody has a full blown commercial web server at their disposal for development, experimenting, and testing their site. You may think that it is both expensive and complicated to have your own local web server.

You may think that it is both expensive and complicated to have your own local web server. Nothing Could be further from the truth!

Nothing could be further from the truth. True, you do need a few pieces of specialized software that can be complicated to install and configure. However, there is a wonder application bundle that has all of the key components of a web hosting server bundled up and configured in a simple wizard driven installer.

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