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How to Create a Bulk Software Installer

You will learn how to install dozens of awesome, free applications on your computer in 5 simple steps. No money, 200 Point IQ, or Back-Breaking Labor required!

Getting the Most Out of Your Applications: Part 3 Skype

Take Your Calling to the Next Level by Extending Skype

GOAL: Turn Skype from a cheap phone call alternative into a multi-function communication, collaboration, mobile virtuoso. Skype is the king of the hill when it comes to Voice over IP applications. Besides making free (or really cheap) phone calls, you can do a lot of

Getting the Most Out of Your Applications: Part 1 Microsoft Outlook

Make Outlook the Information Hub at the Center of your Life

Outlook Syncing with Everything GOAL: Provide a list of free plug-ins that will extend the power of Outlook far beyond even Microsoft’s wildest dreams.Microsoft Outlook - The ubiquitous Email/Calendar/Organizer tool. Some love it, some hate

Getting the Most Out of Your Software with Third Party Add Ons

Six Part Series on Extending Your Favorite Software with Add Ons

add-ons-2GOAL: Provide a list of add ons to help you turbo charge some of your most commonly used applications.Even though many of the applications on my computer are great, I always feel like there are just a