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Music Services with the Best Third Party Integration

The Best Music Services Part 5

Music Services Third Party Integration

This is the fifth article in a 5 part series on the Best Music Services on the Internet. See the rest of the series:

  1. The Most Reliable Online Music Services
  2. Online Music Services with the Best Suggestion Quality
  3. The Best Music Discovery Service
  4. Best Community Driven Online Music Services
  5. BBest Third Party Integration among Online Music Services

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Why #FollowFridays are Broken and How a #TuesTorial Will Fix Them

Sharing the Best Tutorials on Twitter

tuestorials on VitaminCM.com If any of you are Twitter users, you’re probably aware of the #followfriday phenomena. The original theory to tell the people that you follow about other Twitter users who regularly post interesting, useful tweets. This is a great concept that helped me find a bunch of good people to follow.

Recently #followfriday seems a lot more like an artificial, obligatory way for everyone to pump up each others follower counts.

I still do post the occasional #followfriday tweet using the following guidelines:

  1. They are someone whose tweets regularly add value to my experience.
  2. I can provide a reason for why I’m recommending them. (for example, #followfriday @abc123 They have the best information on #letters and #numbers anywhere on the web)

This serves two important purposes: It lets you know why you might care and the #tags give a little “twitter-wide” credit to the person being recommended. (Help the follower and followee; good idea, right?)

My Variation on the #FollowFriday Theme

VitaminCM.com is all about helping you learn how to do things. So I came up with the a twist to the original idea that will hopefully help pass on useful information. I’m calling it #TuesTorial.

During the week, I’m going to bookmark any good tutorials that I come across. Each Tuesday I’ll tweet the ones that I think are particularly helpful. If you would like to see my suggestions, just follow me on Twitter.

They will also be posted here in the sidebar widget.

Here is the format that I will be observing:

#Tuestorial – Great video showing how to do #XYZ – link.url/12345

I promise not to shamelessly promote any of my own articles, just other people’s work that I think is excellent.

If you want to see my suggestions follow me on Twitter. (They will also appear in the Twitter widget to the right.)

Your Call to Action – Please Join In the Fun

If you really like the idea of sharing helpful tips, please join in. I really want to see the tutorials that you recommend, so put your @Twitter name in the comments below so that I can follow you.

Who knows, if your tweets are any good, I might just #FollowFriday you. ; )

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How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

How Many Social Networking Tools Do You Really Need?

Every time I turn on the Interwebs, there is some hot new future bankruptcy social network that is going to revolutionize the world. I usually go over and sign up, if for no other reason than research. Well, most of these world beaters turn out to be a bust. First of all, social networks are terrible for early adopters, unless you have 20 or so close friends who will join with you. Second, you really only need a few to take care of the 12+ hours a day that I spend on the computer.

What Services / Products I Use

Myspace – I love, hate, and use MySpace as much as any of the others. As hideous and annoying as Myspace is, all of my friends are there. It was hard enough for some of my friends to get email addresses, I can’t just say, “Hey, let’s all switch over to Facebook.” This is the AOL of this decade. 30 million people sure can be wrong!

As hideous and annoying as Myspace is, all of my friends are there. It was hard enough for some of my friends to get email addresses, I can’t just say, “Hey, let’s all switch over to Facebook.”

Facebook – I love Facebook, but none of my real friends do. I’m trying to switch people without a lot of success. Does my wife really count? I can talk to her using mouths and ears.

LinkedIn – I use this to build out my professional network. It is really good from that point of view. I have found friends and colleagues from numerous old jobs. It is great for that type of thing.

Plaxo – What a turnaround for Plaxo. They used to be a spam factory, but now they have an invaluable service. If you have multiple web and desktop solutions for mail, contacts, and calendaring then Plaxo can save your day. You can set up your Outlook, gmail, aol, yahoo, hotmail, profiles to all sync up to one central database. This way, if you add a new Contact, To Do, or Appointment to any of your profiles, it will automatically by synchronized with all of your accounts. Now, all of your information will be in your web and desktop systems all of the time.

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