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Office 2011 for Mac Sneak Preview

Works Just Like Office, but on a Mac

Overview: Microsoft Office for Mac suite is being updated for 2011. This is an overview / preview of the notable new features.Microsoft office 2011 mac preview

Product: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Price: Not announced yet

Availability: Some time in 2011

Finally, a Good Reason to

Share Files Between Any Devices in your Home

Learn How to Tie All of your Gadgets Together

Sharing files tutorial series

You Can Get there from Here

Your home has any number of "connected" devices (Computers, Video Game Consoles, Phones, Portable Media Players, Televisions, DVRs, etc.). Are they all really connected? This three part tutorial series will show you how to

Bring Excel Data to Life with Conditional Formatting

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2007's advanced conditional formatting features to take your boring data and make it tell a more interesting story.

85 Free Apps that will Save you Thousands of Dollars

Save Tons of Cash with the Best Free Software OVERVIEW: You can replace the most expensive applications on a typical computer with excellent, free software and internet services and never miss a beat. Why Pay More? Equipping your computer with the software that you need to get everything done can be insanely expensive. However, you

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Stuff I Like

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Sometimes I find myself complaining about things that frustrate me. Well, it’s actually pretty easy to find things that suck, but I decided to take some time