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The Best Souvenir Ever

Lego Man + Promotional Marketing = Awesome!

lego-1 My daughter recently went on a road trip with her mother to Minnesota to visit some of their family. What’s a teenage girl in Minnesota to do (especially during winter)?

Yep, you guessed it, Mall of America.

My daughter and I have had a hobby of picking up little trinkets wherever we each travel.

At the mall, she was looking for a good souvenir for me. When she stumbled into the Lego Store and found the ultimate souvenir. Or so she thought. She picked me up a Lego scuba diver man on a key chain. It reminder her of one of the Lego sets that we played with when she was little. Then, she saw that you can buy bricks with custom text printed on them.

She picked on up for me with the VitaminCM.com engraved into it. I love that kid.

The site now has a new mascot.

Get Your Own

Find a Lego store near you.

Get your own custom engraved Lego bricks and figures.

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