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Online Music Services with the Best Suggestion Quality

Give the People What they Want


The best reason to use any of these music services is to have them send you great music. There are many different ways of determining what “you” will like. They all seem to straddle the line between art and science with a touch of voodoo thrown in. I have spent a lot of time trying to get a stream of good music out of all of these services. Let’s take a look at my mixed results. (Don’t forget to give your feedback in the pole and comments below.)


Suggestion Quality Comparison

ilike.com logo

iLike.com – They base their selections on your iTunes history and favorites of other members with “similar” tastes.

Suggestion Quality  They do a decent job of sending you songs. (3 Stars)

Rating: 3 of 5 stars rating Good, not great.



Jango.com – Jango stations play the artists you add, along with similar artists favored by other Jango users who share your taste.

Suggestion Quality : I generally like the selections along with the ways that I can modify what it sends me. (4 Stars)

Rating: 4 of 5 stars ratingVery good.


Last.FM logo

Last.FM – Last.FM allows you to rate songs up or down and favorite songs that you love. You can also tag songs that you listen to. It also pulls your iTunes data to determine what you like.

Suggestion Quality : It does a very good job of selecting music that I like. (4 Stars)

Rating: 4 of 5 stars ratingVery, very good.

MyStrands.com logo

MyStrands.com – When you go to the My Recommendations page it shows you a bunch of songs based on your play history in iTunes. The recommendations are not really that great.

Suggestion Quality : This is just another disappointing feature of MyStrands. (2 Stars)

Rating: 2 of 5 stars ratingNot good!

Pandora.com logo

Pandora.com – Pandora lets you rate songs up and down and bookmark (favorite) songs and artists. It is very quick to put together a batch of songs that I just end up liking. They base their picks on the Music Genome project, which uses data entered by music “experts” to indentify what makes music similar.

Suggestion Quality : This is where Pandora really shines. It just keeps picking one great choice after another. (5 Stars)

Rating: 5 of 5 stars rating It’s not perfect, but it’s the best.


Shoutcast.com logo

Shoutcast.com – Shoutcast is really just a collection of radio stations. It’s a straight one-way push. They do have a ton of stations to choose from, so you can usually find something you like, but it does not adapt to you in any way that I can see.

Suggestion Quality : There are no suggestions. You just hunt around and hope you like what you find. (1 Star)

Rating: 1 of 5 stars ratingHit or Miss.


Slacker.com logo

Slacker.com – The web player and iPhone players both allow you to rate and bookmark songs that you like and dislike. After doing this for a while, you get a pretty good flow of songs that you like.

Suggestion Quality : It takes a little while to fine tune, but it does send you a nice mix of songs based on your feedback. (4 Stars)

Rating: 4 of 5 stars ratingVery, very good.


Have Your Say

Well, you know what I think, let’s hear what you think. You can select more than one choice below if you have a tie for your most reliable service.

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Reader Poll – How Do You Manage Email?

How Have Twitter, SMS, and Facebook Replaced Plain Old Email?

Email is still a very important communication tool. However, it’s not quite as simple as it once was. There are so many options for sending and receiving email. I was a big Outlook guy (and briefly Thunderbird) for years, but I have recently switched completely to Gmail.

Since I got my iPhone I do about half of my emailing on-the-go. I also text a lot more now due to the really nice threaded text messaging application. I can’t wait for MMS with the 3.0 operating system this summer.

I also use Twitter a lot from my computer and phone.

This all makes me wonder how everyone else is managing “email type” communication with all of the options available these days.

Don’t forget to add your Twitter name to your comment.

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Reader Poll – Roadside Memorials: OK to Document?

Is it OK to Do a Photojournalism Piece on Roadside Memorials?

Did you ever see those white crosses with pictures, candles, signs, etc. on the side of the road where people have died in an automobile accident? Me too, the whole phenomenon has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

I always want to get out and look at them, to figure it all out. Who was it? How old were they? How did it happen? Who built this memorial? So many questions and usually not many answers.
Now, I carry a camera with me just about everywhere that I go. I always try to grab shots of things that strike me as weird, funny, cool, or interesting. Some of my stuff interests people and some makes them scratch their heads.

Every time I see one of these roadside memorials, I want to get out and document the whole thing. The problem is, I’m usually either with my wife and/or daughter. Both of them think it’s creepy, inappropriate, and disrespectful. Plus, nobody ever wants to stop and wait around for me to do my thing. If I tried to go out and find these memorials, while I’m alone, I probably never would anyway.

So, here is my question: Is it OK to shoot and document these memorials or am I just a creepy freak. I really don’t want to offend or gross anybody out. Here’s your chance to put your two cents in. You may be determining a future article.

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