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Great Tech and Gadget Sites for Women

Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman

Female Tech and Gadget sites on VitaminCM.com I read a lot of Tech and Gadget sites (198 feeds and counting) and 95% of them are written by men, for men. That’s great, if you’re a guy (which I am). What about the ladies? Don’t they deserve some Gadget Love? Don’t they want to know what’s going on with Facebook, Google, or Apple? Sure they do!

It just so happens that there are a bunch of excellent Tech and Gadget blogs written by women, with women in mind. Here’s my little secret: They’re usually pretty cool for guys too. At least this guy.

If there’s a special lady in your life (or if you are one) that likes her tech without a side of testosterone, here are a few sites for her.

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Reusing an Old PC as a Server Part 1

Using Free Software and Equipment that you Already Own


Goal: Provide instructions to turn an old computer into a server that you can control remotely and use for various handy purposes.

Assumptions: You have, or can an old computer that is no longer used and a basic router for your home network.

So let’s say you hit the technology jackpot and score yourself a shiny new super computer. (OK, maybe just a plain old new computer.) Congratulations! Now, after you get over the initial euphoria of setting up your new workhorse, you might start wondering what to do with your faithful old friend. (OK, annoying old dinosaur.)

Should you…..

Let’s take that doddering old codger and breathe some new life into it.

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How to Set Up A Testing Server on Your PC

Quick Painless Install and Set Up for FREE


If you have a website or do any type of web development you have probably needed a server at some point. Not everybody has a full blown commercial web server at their disposal for development, experimenting, and testing their site. You may think that it is both expensive and complicated to have your own local web server.

You may think that it is both expensive and complicated to have your own local web server. Nothing Could be further from the truth!

Nothing could be further from the truth. True, you do need a few pieces of specialized software that can be complicated to install and configure. However, there is a wonder application bundle that has all of the key components of a web hosting server bundled up and configured in a simple wizard driven installer.

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