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Fix the Missing Tags in your iTunes Library

Use TidySongs to Clean Up your iTunes Library

OVERVIEW: Learn how to use TidySongs to clean up the tags and album art in your iTunes library. .

Cleaning Up a Mess

Do you have thousands of songs in your iTunes library? Did you get them from (cough) various different places? Welcome to the club. As your collection of mp3’s grows and grows, you will probably have a bunch of songs with missing or incorrect tags. This can be a real mess.

You can use TidySongs (http://www.tidysongs.com) to work miracles on that messy library. TidySongs performs four functions that will whip your iTunes library right into shape:

Add high-resolution Album Art to your songs
Find and Remove Duplicate Songs
Fix Missing or Incorrect MP3 Tags
Organize your Music Genres

Getting TidySongs on your Computer

TidySongs will work on Windows and Mac operating systems (sorry Linux). Go to TidySongs.com to download the software installer. Follow the clear instructions in their installer to add the software to your computer.

Finding Missing MP3 Tags

When you start TidySongs it will search through your iTunes library. Click on the Start button to begin woking on your files. The Main Menu lets you select which aspect of your library that you want to fix.

Click the Fix Your Songs button.

Click the Select a Playlist to Fix button. You can select your whole library or just one playlist.

Choose whether to fix one song at a time or to run the whole playlist automatically and click the appropriate button. I like to just let it run automatically.

Any songs that matched your Confidence Threshold will be updated.

See TidySongs in Action

The video tutorial below shows how to use TidySongs’ features to tame your unwieldy iTunes library.

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